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Friday, February 08, 2008

For the Record Peoples

Goodness, people, settle down! 

This new guy in the building whom I have so much in common with is not my new love interest. 

He doesn't have that "thing" I need, even tho I'm 50.  Shut up Linda.  He doesn't have "it".  Or ... I don't have "it" for him. 

I'm in love with someone else.

But I will admit that it will be VERY nice to have him around to help in the garden.  And move furniture. 

That is, IF the landlady will let us have a garden.  If she doesn't, and if she doesn't keep a walkway clear in the back courtyard in the winter... then I'm moving.  I just tried to take a walk this morning on the streets.  No go.  Too dangerous.  The snow is 3-4 feet high on the edges of the roads and there's just no room for cars and me and dogs on leashes.  Not to mention slippery as hell. 

Slippery as hell?  Now that's a dumb thing to say.  One doesn't necessarily think of hell as being slippery.  Slippery slope ... maybe.  Hmmm. 

All the coincidences between me and Cowinky are just too freaky tho.  The Powers That Be in my spiritual life tell me to pay attention, but he still doesn't do "it" for me, if you know what I mean.

Of course, the old people have us on the honeymoon already.  All because we've walked the halls 2 or 3 days in a row now.  This week - a mile a day.  Next week - two miles a day.  By March, I'm going to be back up to 5 miles a day.  So far, he seems as dedicated as I am about being committed to walking.  That's all I care about. 


Just Call Me The Gossip Calmer


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Game Boy


You accuse others

of playing games.

You are older than me

and wiser, you say.

Just because

you have more years

than me.

And yet,

you are the

biggest game player

of all,

trying to control an "us"

in the future,

by saying something


or cannot be. 

I refuse to play

your game,

because I will not

please you

just to please

only you. 




If he's turned on

because I'm pretty or fun,

and he makes a pass

and I turn him down;

he's angry -

because he says

it's my fault

he's turned on.

And therefore

I'm expected to come across,

when in fact,

he turns himself on

by using me.


Mothers don't want to read this ...


I want to make love,

  but I'm afraid that's all I want.

I'm afraid I'd be the one to turn over

  and go right to sleep afterwards.

I'm afraid I'd be hoping

  you'd be gone in the morning

  before I woke up.

No ties,

  no strings,

    no promises,

      no expectations,

        no nothing ...

But sex.

Making love?






A man needs to be respected,

as does a woman,

in order to feel good about theirselves.

A man and a woman

need to respect each other.

A woman needs to respect herself

when she can't respect her man.

Which really means

she has to live

on her own self-respect

and kick him out the door.


I think too highly



think too highly

of others,

and not enough

of myself.


think too highly

of yourself,

and not enough

of others.


I'm telling ya


Being single

is being bait.


eat bait.


Sometimes I forget


Something in me

draws them to me -

like moths to the flame,

but it looks an awful lot like

small boys to their mothers.

Sometimes I forget

that giving doesn't

necessarily get you anything,

except alot of being taken.


Altho ...

being taken

isn't necessarily a bad thing ...


Note in what category this is filed in before you freak out and wonder who the hell I'm not telling you about in the present ...


He woke my body up,

if even for just a minute,

it's the first time in years

it's been awake.

He retreated -

I'm not his type.

I retreated -

still married I told myself,

and too chicken.


The body that woke up

retreated out of pure terror.

It's not used to wanting a man

just for the sake of sex

and what it could learn

just for the fun of it.

It's kind of scary -

now that the body

wants to take a peek

and see what's out there.