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Monday, October 01, 2007

The Duke ... he's moved on to Spokane


Well ...  Duke left with SonOne yesterday as planned.  As much as I know I didn't want to spend winter with him and his high-energy needs for outdoorness ... somehow I was hoping he wouldn't go. 

He was so happy seeing SonOne tho.  He was so cute.  Seeing a large dog be wiggly happy is a wonderful sight to see.  At one point, while we were loading things up into SonOne's pickup, SonOne was walking in front of me down the hallway, and Duke was in the middle.  He's supposed to walk behind you as if he were on a leash, and SonOne said "Back", meaning get back behind him.  Duke looked back at me, and ran around to be behind me, but he was so excited, so he ran up behind SonOne again, which made him in front of me.  I didn't say a word, cause the torch is passing back to SonOne, but Duke was a study in happiness and confusion on his face.  He didn't know who the boss was and who he was supposed to walk behind, so he just stayed in the middle, wiggling the whole time between us.  He was like "Look, mom,  he's here, he back, I love him, oh, but I love you too, oh my all this love, what I am going to do with it all, lions and tigers and bears oh my!  What do I do with it all?! 

I could have sworn I heard him whine to go outside this morning - I even got up to check. 

I can't believe how much space that dog took up.  Muttin/Jeff seem so happy, and calmer, now that they're not competing for attention.  Jeffrey in particular was so jealous, that he glued himself to me whenever I sat down on the couch, just so Duke couldn't have that space, even tho Duke never sat next to me on the couch, (until the last week or so).  Where is Jeffrey sleeping now?  Down at the other end of the couch, in his dog bed, where he's supposed to be. 

Duke is a really good dog, and very cool.  The only thing that drove me mad was his refusal to get out of the way when I wanted to move somewhere within the apartment.  Granted, it's small in here.  So the sense of freedom walking in and out the door now is amazing - I don't have to watch or wait for him to get out of my way.  He was so sensitive about his stupid tail - having to step around him was a constant pain, cause if you got anywhere near his tail, he acted as if he'd just woken up from a bad dream where an axe-chopper was standing over him.   And seeing as how I was the one who was looming over him when he acted like this - he and I had our moments.  One time, after he had startled me cause I had startled him, I yelled at him "Oh for Christ's sake, man up a little!"  And he seemed to for a few days, regulating my efforts to step over him as me ... simply stepping over him.  Sheesh.  But it didn't last long.


Anyways.  I am missing him already.  GreenishLady lost her dog, Trixie, the other day, and it's just an awful thought ... losing these pets of ours that fill up our world sooo much and so completely. 
Just Call Me Lonely

Monday, September 10, 2007

Flying High


I am beyond excited.  My son got a job with an airline.  Which means I can fly free wherever Horizon/Alaska Air flies.

I can fly to Reno, San Francisco, San Diego, Grand Junction, and Spokane.  All places where I know people to visit! 

Scuse me while I check out the NASCAR tracks and cities ...

Just Call Me Thrilled

P.S.  I'm driving to Reno tomorrow (Tuesday) to meet up with SanFranMan and his best friend from high school.  Duke's staying with his Grandpa, and my niece is staying with Muttin/Jeff and Barf-n-Hiney.  For a few days.  Probably won't be posting till Friday or Saturday. 

Duke is smart but not brave

The answer to the last post ...

Duke is afraid of the heart-shaped box on top of my stereo.  We came in one day and he noticed it and barked his fool head off at it.  After I was done laughing, I had to bring it down to his level, so he could inspect it.  But he couldn't inspect it from the bedroom, where he had run to when I took it down.  So I set it next to the water dish for a couple of days.  He got over it. 

In the center of the courtyard, there are 2 grates in the middle of the lawn.  I use the big rock to anchor a sprinkler that likes to flip over.  One day, I put the rock down on the grate, so the lawn mowers won't run over it.  The tennis ball rolled down there, and he very, very gingerly walked around the grate 712 times before he bravely reached the tennis ball, grabbing it by the little stubby threads (rather than in his mouth).  Then he dropped it a safe distance away (about 20 feet), ran back and barked like a fool at the grate.  After I was done laughing, I tried to roll the tennis ball down there again, but he was much faster about catching the ball after that. 

And lastly, the tennis ball rolled into the hallway closet during our nightly ball tossing ritual.  He cleverly used his paw to move the shoe that blocks the door from closing all the way (that's where the cat box is).  But he would NOT push the door open enough so that he could get the damn ball.  He whined, begged, and cajoled for me to help him.  He sat down and wagged his tail at the door.  I went over and showed him how to move the door with his head.  I did this by getting down on all fours and moved the door with my head.  Yes.  I did.  A few minutes later, the ball went into the closet again.  Same thing.  He would NOT open the door for himself.  After I was done laughing my head off, I told him I wasn't going to get it.  For 20 minutes he whined, begged, cajoled and wagged his tail at the door.   After I was done swearing at him,  I went to bed. 

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Thursday Three




What are these three items?

1.  Random pictures for no reason.

2.  Three of my favorite items - a decoupaged heart box, a rock outside, and Duke.

3.  Three things that Duke is afraid of - a decoupaged heart box, a rock on a metal grate, and a closet that isn't wide enough for Duke to go in and get his tennis ball.


Wednesday, August 22, 2007

That's my story and I'm sticking to it


Md of White Lightning Axiom: Redux writes about how he's not blogging to his own satisfaction lately.  He speaks of how one of his regular "features" has fallen by the wayside lately, and has had requests to revive it. 

I too, have received emails as to "Where are the dogs, and what have you done to them?"  It seems the dog chats were the favorite posts in my blog, regardless of how crazy it makes me look.  No one seems to CARE about THAT fact ... who cares about my reputation, as long as ya'll get to read the dog chats, right?!  Hmph.

For the record, the dogs aren't talking and haven't been since the kitties moved in.  I think it's safe to say they're mad at me.  Not only for the kitties, but for leaving them home when I went to San Francisco.  They did talk some when we all went to Reno, but I wasn't anywhere near a computer, so I didn't document the conversations.  Something about how they liked the kids tho - and about what an ass Duke was to travel with.  Lordy, he was not a good traveler.  I am VERY surprised that they haven't complained about being boarded in a kennel for 2 days.  I would think that would be a font of spewing, but then again ... I'm afraid to even ask, as it may open the floodgates to a personal hell of having to listen to it. 

And there is this.  I found myself telling Duke to "Stop whining!  Use your words!" this morning, when he wanted outside and whined, rather than bring me his tennis ball with his "go potty now" look. 

Just Call Me Doing the Best I Can With The Material I Have

Monday, August 20, 2007

Pictures on the River in Reno

Now that I've got enough meds in me to kill an elephant seal, I feel better and can write.  Altho I have nothing that comes to the surface of my brain to write about - so it's free-form today, just to get back in the swing of blogging and unload all the miscellany. 

Speaking of blogging, SFM says when he asks what I'm doing, and I say "I'm blogging", he kind of snickers and says it sounds like I need to ...

Hmmm.  I cannot believe I don't remember what he said.  Cause it was funny.  Maybe he'll read and fill us in.  Cause it was funny.  Or maybe it was dirty.

Last nite, at 10pm, I was out on the patio, throwing the damn tennis ball, in hopes that Duke would quit whining inside.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw this.  When I walked the dogs this morning, shorts and a t-shirt were not enough - it was cold.  Tis the season for hobo's and sweatshirts.  As I pulled on a sweatshirt, I thought of the weather in San Francisco.  One must always take a sweater with them.  It irritates the hell out of me when SFM reminds me to take something warm with me, cause I'm not used to it - it's either hot or cold in Idaho, and one knows what to wear in the morning.  Thinking ahead to what to wear later on is beyond me - it's too much time and it's confining my free spirit.  Yea, that's it. 

Anyways, I love sweatshirts. So San Francisco is the perfect place for me. 

I called the doctor to get a referral for an arthritis specialist.  Word is that it takes 3 months to get an appointment.  Hopefully he can use the current MRI's and I don't have to do another one.

In Reno, we took the dogs to the river so the kids could play with them.  Mostly the kids played in the water, and so did the dogs.  Well, Duke did ... in his usual manner.


Muttin could take it or leave it.  She'll follow me anywhere, water included. 


Jeffrey, however, doesn't like it one bit.  He's out there under protest and only because he's so obedient. He's damn slow about it, but eventually he comes to my "Get over here RIGHT NOW". 


I was sitting out in the river on a rock while taking these pictures.


SFM's son was on the other side of the river, climbing over the rocks, trying to get up the nerve to swim across to where we were.  I have a series of pictures that came out so clear - I wish I could post them.  Unfortunately, he chose to finally swim across when SFM was taking my picture, so I had to smile and all that crap - I missed the big event that I had really kinda been worried about.  But he made it!   It was worrisome cause even Duke had a hard time with the current.

His daughter was absolutely charmed by  Muttin/Jeff.  As she should have been.  :-)



Just Call Me Stoic

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Cats Rule, Dogs Drool

I got all excited when I saw a new commenter and went to visit her site.  I had assumed she was the host of yesterday's Curious as a Cat meme site, as that's when I usually get new readers - when I link to other blogs, so I was a little freaked that she had said she was dx'd in 2003.  One of my voices said "Wow, what a small world!"  But then the other voice said "Duh, it's the Internet".  So I whipped off an email stating the same to her.  Only to realize after visiting her site that she wasn't the host of yesterday's meme, but a reader probably scanning the world for MS'er's and I popped up. Maybe I was Googled! 

So check out her site, Jane's Page.  She's got a cool world clock thingy that I was mesmerized by for a half hour.  She's a support group facilitator for MS'ers, which I have great admiration for - as I used to be a support group facilitator for survivors of sexual abuse.  I've often thought of doing the same thing for MS, but simply cannot manufacture the caring required to do so.  Which is really odd because doing groups was the one thing that I really loved doing, and did well, got kudos for on a community-wide basis, receiving awards, etc., for it.  It wasn't even "work" to me, because I loved it so much.  Then I got sick and it was all over for me caring about others - I just didn't have the energy.  Even now, when I am so much better, the mere thought of doing it again sucks the energy out of me.  So much kudos for anyone who's able too.  Hell, if I were in her area of the world, I'd certainly go to her group.  I'm willing to admit that I haven't been the most graceful and gracious about having the damn disease ...   

Here I am, typing intensely, suffering thru the freaking pain, when I realize Duke is whining and has been from some time. I turn to him, impatience crowding my soul, irritated with the incessant demands from my little family ...


Awwwww ... does the big, bad kitty have widdle Dukie's tennis ball?  Poor widdle guy ...


Id you'll take a closer look at Barf's face ...


I do believe he's basking in the power of it all ...

I told Duke "Duke, get your ball", which usually sends him into a frenzy of excitement and thought the momentum of the excitement would give him the bravery to snatch it away from the cat.  But no.  He just stood there for the longest time, not looking at either the cat or the ball or me, but at the edges of me, the kitten, and the couch in front of him, praying evidently for relief from the torture that is his life with these kittens.


Finally, with much encouragement from me, he reached out his paw and got his ball (balls?) back .... hahahaha I so funny. 


Just Call Me Comedian Is My Middle Name


Sunday, July 29, 2007

There's something in the water

I took the dogs to the lake yesterday, and had a frightful time with Muttin.  Darling Muttin. 

First, she was a delight.  She wants so bad to play in the water the way Duke does, but she's scared to go over her head.  Her excitement, tho, will often bring her out to the deep, despite herself.  Yesterday was the first day she actually did some swimming, and she is of the belief that the more splashing - the higher the chance of survival.  It's quite hilarious cause she's flapping her front legs more in the air than in the water.  And I am the island that is going to save her from drowning, only she's splashing so much that I keep moving away from her, which causes more frantic splashing from her. 

Floatlounger She realized right away that getting on the lounger would also save her and she climbed right in and sat down, so proud of herself.  She got the lounger and I hung off the side.  For her sake. 

Jeffrey does not like the water, but I made him swim yesterday anyways.  He swam properly, with feet underwater, and just skimming the surface in a circle around me, on the leash.  That was enough for him, and I didn't force the issue. 

When he was swimming, he headed for shore.  When she swam, she headed for me.  It's quite touching ... how she trusts me.  Little Miss Priss Diva that she is.


That was the good part of the story.  After she was done swimming, she disappeared on shore while I floated on the lounger for awhile.  I got out of the water, and she came running.  All of a sudden, she yelped and started to rub her face in the sand.  She was stung by a bee.  She dug in the ground and covered herself in sand.  Then she went to lay down in the shade.  I started gathering up stuff so we could leave when I heard her throwing up.  A huge amount of something pukey.  Then she just lay there, panting really fast.  And then slow.  After about 5 shallow breaths, she would lift her head and suck in air as if she couldn't get any. 

I gathered up our stuff and went to the car, calling Duke and Jeffrey.  Duke ignored me, not caring one whit that Muttin was possibly dying - he had his tennis ball in the water, therefore he was in heaven.  Where Muttin may very well have been on her way.  I had to put a leash on Duke in order to get him into the car, causing more delay.  Muttin tried to drag herself to the car, but she'd fall down and lay down her head, doing the freaky sucking for air thing.  Jeffrey also ignored me when I called him, he was hovering over Muttin.  When I picked her up, she was completely limp, which totally freaked me out at that point.  I kept my hand on her stomach while I drove, wondering if I could give her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, considering what she had just vomited.  I stopped at the apartment to drop Duke and Jeffrey off so they wouldn't have to sit in the hot car while we were at the veterinarians.  When I came back to the car, Muttin was breathing better, so I debated whether we really needed to go to the vet.  Eventually, I picked her up and carried her to the apartment, where I laid her down on the couch.  She commenced to looking pitiful, but better. 

Then Duke and I went back to the lake to get his collar and a towel that I'd left behind while she had been doing her dying diva thing.  Only to recover after a frantic 20 minutes of getting her and everything else home.  So Duke and I went swimming for a couple more hours, so my heart could calm down.  Damn dog.  I swear she shaved 10 years off my life.  (Which would make me pregnant at age 60, rather than 50.  IF I am, in fact, pregnant) (Now that I've got everyone worrying about that, btw).

I floated out on the lounger, and Duke would get upset if I went out too far, and swim out and around me, back to shore.  It took me a couple of times before I realized he wanted me to grab on to him, so he could take me back to land.  Maybe he does love me after all. 

Hmmm... now that I think about it ... did he turn me into his tennis ball by fetching me?


This morning, while over at Wheelie's, mowing the grass next to the canal, I fell in.  Over my head.  People who barely even know me - know I don't do water over my head.  I'm scared of water cause water makes you drown.  I did not drown because Duke jumped in after me and dragged me back up the bank, nearly rendering me naked in the process, and also nearly drowning me because he grabbed hold of the front collar of my shirt, which made me flat on my back in only about 3 feet of water and I was trying to stand up while he was trying to keep me flat in the water, and then he'd drop me halfway up the bank, and I'd slip back down.  We were a comedy of errors, he and I.  Maybe he hates me after all.

Hmmm...  now that I think about it ... maybe he was teasing me the same way he teases the tennis ball ...dunking me the same way he dunks the tennis ball, teasing it, daring it to get too far away and then snatches it, only to let it go again...











And then, today, as I took a shower ... I forgot to take off my clothes.  My mind was preoccupied with the fact that Tony Stewart won the NASCAR race, and I was totally disgusted.  Junior blew his engine, Jeff got third, and I don't remember what happened to Jimmie Johnson. 

Too much wet for one girl. 


Just Call Me Wet


Monday, July 16, 2007

Who's Observing Who?

Today's entry for Moody Monday is "Observant"

Just Call Me Observant Myself for Catching the Picture

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The best laid plans to clean house, watch the race, catch up on blogs were all for naught

Is this picture telling you that when I turned on the TV to watch the race, I remembered that I had to post the now familiar Jeff Gordon statue picture - a VERY popular feature of this here blog?  And then I remembered with laser sharp clarity that I didn't have my camera near me.  In fact, it was as un-near me as the stars and Mars and the moon.  I left my $350.00+ camera at the race track last nite.  I knew exactly where it was.  I knew not even to bother checking around the apartment or in the car. 

So the picture is saying I spent the first hour and a half of the race headed for the local track - a 40 minute drive in the heat of the day, hoping against hope that no one had taken my camera.  When I got back there were 90 laps to go, and I've no idea what when on the first 110 laps.  It was very unsettling, not knowing  where my Jeffy was in the race. 

Much like Duke is unsure of what me and Jeff Gordon are doing behind his back. 

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Big Whiner baby chicken weinee fraidy cat

Are kittens afraid of fireworks, cracking and popping from now until the 4th of July? 
Nooooo, evidently not.

Are the two little dogs afraid of the constant noise of the fireworks that will be going off until the 4th of July? 


Hmmm... doesn't look like it to me.  Sound asleep, they.

So there I was, watching "Rescue Me", not even hearing the fireworks myself. 

That is ... until a very large dog inserted himself at my feet, looking up at me imploringly.  Still I didn't comprehend until I went to the kitchen to get some 7-Up, and the very large dog stayed glued to my legs in my very small kitchen.  Then it dawned on me - last nite, he kept waking me up, by not going to sleep.  He very loudly just stared into space every time I looked down at him on the floor.  I thought he had a tummy ache, thereby causing me to lose sleep worrying about him.  Nooooo, it was the fireworks that had him wide awake and stressed out. 

Yup, it's the big guy.  Duke's afraid of the fireworks that will be going off from now until the 4th of July.  In my very small kitchen.  And my very small living room.  And my very small bedroom.  With my SonOne and SanFranMan coming to visit.  It is very hard to vacuum with a large dog glued to your legs. 

Just Call Me Velcro Mom

Race Day


Race today at the Lowe's Motor Speedway in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I can't concentrate on it cause I finally feel good and want to take advantage of it by cleaning the house, do some re-arranging of some furniture, and tame the kittens. 

Duke is moping around for some reason.  I think he's addicted to water, and pouts when he doesn't get it each day.  In teaching him how to be a proper Black Lab, I've created a monster. 

Wicker furniture is all fine and good and all, but daaayyum - those kittens are climbing fools.  I've decided to keep them both because they're both cause they're both soo cute and funny and adorable and they wiggled into my heart.  The main it is how they are with the dogs.  It's just fascinating to watch all the personalities. 







Thursday, June 28, 2007

A new thing to nag me about going outside to play

Duke discovered the joys of playing in a sprinkler yesterday.  Like a proper Lab should, I might add.










He's the dogggggg!


Monday, June 25, 2007

Such is my day

It's Monday afternoon, and I'm sitting on the couch, with Duke at my feet (which I hate), Muttin in the dog bed on the couch, and Jeffrey is ... also at my feet.  Since when did he start that?  He's curled in a little ball with his butt on Duke's back.  The kittens are being postcard worthy, being cute no matter where they are. 

I just did a search for an airline ticket for SanFranMan - he found one for 600.00 something, and I found one for 164.00.  I am good.

Goodness, as I just typed that sentence, he called and said he booked the flight.  He'll be here July 5th - 10th.  Must think of fun things to do.  In Idaho.  In Idaho Falls.  Hopeless.  Maybe I can impress him with my cooking skills.  Again, hopeless.  He calls our time together "Huggy Time".  Which makes me laugh out loud every time I think of it. 

SonOne says he's coming for the 4th of July.  So it might be a busy week for me. 

Duke is making me crazy.  Have I mentioned that?  He whines and whines when we're inside, wanting to play tennis ball ... INSIDE.  With a runway of about 10 feet.  I, of course, being of sound mind and body, prefer not to have a 60 pound dog running in my apartment, because it riles up the 2 little 20 pound dogs, and 2 adorable kittens, who have absolutely no fear of said dogs, and whom try to chase the ball also, getting trampled in the process.  Muttin/Jeff are in my face, or Jeff is getting all macho with Duke and the kittens, Muttin is in my face, jealous of any attention not paid to her, Duke is dancing around with the damn ball in his mouth, afraid to "drop it" because the kittens might get it.  I could have a riot on my hands. 

Then we take it outside, where he refuses to chase the tennis ball, OR I throw the ball 72 million times and he brings it back 72 million times. 

Lather, rinse, repeat.  That is my day in a nutshell. 

This is what he'd rather be doing. 


And speaking of "lather, rinse, repeat", this is what happens when we do go swimming -



Just Call Me Artsy Fartsy


Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Sick and The Cute

Allfive_6 Count 'em and weep. 

Tony and Stewart, huh.  Why not Jeff and Gordon, in that case?  Might as well name them Whine and Bag, in the case of Tony Stewart.  Clever Ben.

I loved all the suggestions for names, in particular Jasper and Jenkins ... however, after some experience with Spit and Spat, I had difficulty remembering who was who, so it became clear that I would have to have descriptive names for them, that I would be able to remember.  Like Blacky and Brownie.  Something obvious like that. 


The cuteness is almost ridiculous. 




Doors = GREAT cat toy!


Believe me, it is not necessary for me to talk about why I won't forget which one is Barf, and which one is Hiney.  Suffice to say ... the vet giving them a "clean bill of health" was a bit hasty.  Also?  Kittens this little don't seem to know that cats don't like water, as Hiney needed his "diaper" changed more than once.

They're much better now. 


Just Call Me Vet Apprentice


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

You know it had to happen

After tearing apart the couch, the desk area, the bathroom, and bedroom, I gathered the troops. 

Me:  Muttin, so help me Dog, if you ate my teeth, I will strangle you with my own hands.

Muttin:  Wha?  What are you talking about???

Me:  I can't find my bottom teeth.

Muttin:  I didn't touch your teeth.

Me:  Everyone of you - come here.

Duke:  Is my tennis ball missing???

Me:  No Duke, worry not about your tennis balls.  BTW, I bought you a whole bunch more.  But that doesn't mean you can leave them all about willy nilly.

Me:  Who took my teeth?

Duke:  Not me.

Muttin:  Not me.

Jeffrey:  Not me.

Kitten #1:  Meow

Kitten #2:  Meow meow meow meow.

Jeffrey:  When will they start talking?

Muttin:  Lord, must they? 

Kitten #1 & 2:  Meow meow meow meow

Me:  I left them on the table here.  Do you know how embarrassing it would be to have to tell the dentist that I lost my teeth?

Ring ring ring.  No actually it William Tell, William Tell, William Tell ring tone of my cell phone, so I know it's SanFranMan.

He:  How you doing, how was your day?

Me:  It was fine until I lost my teeth.

He heard "keys" instead of "teeth", so mass confusion reigned while he asked stupid questions regarding "keys", when I was thinking he was talking about "teeth". 

Me:  No, I mean I lost my bottom teeth.  T E E T H.

He:  Ohhhhhhhhhh.  (Shudders)  Are they sitting on a chair somewhere? 

Me:  Laugh laugh laugh.

He and Me:  Blah blah blah, blee blee blee, bleh bleh bleh

Me:  So I need to go so I can search for my teeth.

He:  (Shudders)  Okay, good luck, find them. 

I call all the animals again.

Me:  Gather round, beasties.

Muttin:  I SWEAR I didn't take your teeth.

Jeffrey:  She didn't, I'm here to vouch for her this time. 

So, I resumed the search, all the while composing in my mind what I'd tell the dentist.

Dentist:  So what happened to your bottom teeth?

Me:  Uhhhh ... the dog ate them? 


Just Call Me Hopeless


Update!  The Teeth were found in the kitchen sink!


Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Kitten Conversation


Duke:  What are they?  Furry tennis balls?

Me:  No, Duke, they're kittens.  Don't EVEN think about fetching kittens. 

Muttin:  No, Duke, they're breakfast.  One bite apiece, and you're full for the rest of the day.  Just think of it.

Me and Jeffrey:  Muttin! 

Duke: Not tennis balls?  What are they good for then?

Muttin:  Exactly.

Jeffrey:  Can we play with them? 

Me:  Of course you can, Sweetie Boy.  They will be giving you a run for your money once they get used to things.  Or in your case - a run for your chicken.

Jeffrey:  My chicken?!  No!  Do they eat chicken too?  What are you saying???

Me:  Calm down, sweetie - it's just a phrase.  It means they're going to be alot of fun to play with ... yea, that's it.

Muttin:  Jeffrey, you and I need to have a talk. 

Jeffrey:  About chicken? 

Muttin:  No, Dimbo.  Don't you see a pattern here?  First, there's Duke ...

Jeffrey:  ... Yessss ... ?

Muttin:  Have you noticed how much attention she pays him, hmmm?

Jeffrey:  Well, if we wanted to fetch tennis balls, I'm sure she'd throw them for us too.  But I thought we were too cool to do that?

Muttin:  We are.  The point is ... she doesn't pay as much attention to us anymore.  Other people have noticed.  Remember when the old man down the hall asked her if her two little dogs ever got jealous because of the big dog? 

Jeffrey:  Well, yea.  But I don't get jealous ... do I? 

Muttin:  (rolls her eyes)

Me:  Muttin, it sounds like you're the jealous one.  What can I do to make you feel better?

Muttin:  Get rid of the kittens.  Feed us twice a day.  Vote for Hillary. 

Me:  The kittens are here to stay.  Maybe.  SonOne might take them to the Humane Society for me when he comes in July tho, if they don't work out. 

Muttin:  At LAST, someone's got some sense around here.  I take back every mean thing I ever said about that boy. 

Jeffrey:  What's he got against kittens?  He hasn't even met them yet.

Me:  He's terrified I'm going to become a little old crazy cat lady whose house is covered in tuna fish cans, and he's gonna be the one who has to clean them up when I die.  Evidently it's been a frequent nightmare of his since childhood. 

Muttin:  Well, the fact that you had 7 cats during his teen years may have something to do with that.  Duh.

Duke:  They are cute. 

Me:  There's that.  There's no such thing as an ugly kitten.  That's how you get sucked into their world, and it's said that no-one owns a cat, they won't allow it.  They own us, is what they say. 

Muttin:  Speak for yourself, Tonto.   

Jeffrey:  They're adorable.  I can't wait to play with them.

Duke:  Me too.  When can we play with them huh huh huh?

Me:  As soon as Muttin stops barking her fool head off at them, so she doesn't scare them into places I can't get them from. 

Me:  And two, as soon as you, Duke, quits chuffing all over them.  And that poking them with your nose has got to stop.  Once they figure out they have claws, you're gonna be sorry.

Duke:  Well, they're just so fun and furry ...

Me:  And three, as soon as you stop talking about them as if you're wondering if they'd be better bar-b-qued or fried. 


Monday, May 21, 2007

How do you spell smittin, smitton, or smitten?

I think I'm back from the week of 'My Kind Nature Being Overbooked'.  Huh?  It's rude to laugh. 

Which probably means I'm back to 'The Dogs Rule My Life' mode.  Last week, having both modes combined nearly did me in.  I actually found myself leaving the dogs at home one afternoon, telling them as I went out the door "I NEED A FREAKING BREAK FROM ALL OF YOU!"  And then I went to WheelChairLady's house, and discovered she was gone, which was just fine by me.  Went around to her back yard and started building the plant boxes.  It was heaven being by myself, and so relaxing, having to concentrate on measuring, L-brackets, and screwing. 

Screws, people.  There is zen to be found building things with your hands.  Taking 4 boards and making them do what you want when it's all about angles.  Are the long boards on the outside or inside of the short end boards?  How can I angle them so that I've got the most leverage for screwing? 

The screws, people.  Can I do it better from the top or the bottom?  How do I figure it out without losing track of which board goes on the inside or outside?  Oops, how come the L-bracket is on the wrong side?  Will it be on the right side if I turn it over?  Or upside down? 

It became a comedy of errors, but I was by myself, it was quiet, and the lilacs were smelling wonderful.  The smell of cedar (wood) and lilacs - should be made into a perfume. 

Today, I took the dogs to WCL's house again, so I could finish the boxes, and weed whacker her weeds.  Duke wanted to go swimming but I thought to canal was going too fast.  He obviously disagreed, coming back into the house dripping wet.  I sent him back outside and joined him a few minutes later.  He was tossing a toy up in the air, and running around the house, back and forth.  He didn't need me, he was having a ball by himself.  But when he saw me, he decided I needed to join in the game.  He rushed me, and then suddenly swerve around to behind me, and when I turned around, surprised, because he'd never done that before, I swear he was laughing.  I know this will sound silly, but it's almost as if, by going to the races last nite, with all those people milling around us all nite ... it's as if he realized he belongs to me.  Or I belong to him, as the case may be.  It's like he has confidence in me now.  Today in the car, instead of fidgeting, he just sat calmly and kept his eyes on the road.  He got in and out of the car without me having to convince him.  He even got in the back seat with the two little ones - normally he avoids them if he can. 

And then we have this ...



Just Call Me Smittin


Sunday, May 20, 2007

Took him to the races


Duke went to the races with me tonite, and he was THE COOLEST dog ever.  He played with a couple of girls who threw the tennis ball for him while I did lap counter set-up stuff.  They wore him out really good.  He was too afraid to go all the way up to the third floor of the tower, so he laid down on the second floor landing.  I got some rugs out of my car for him to lie on, so during the races, he was behind the building - where it was less noisy for him.  He hates it when the TV is on too loud, so I imagine the races were a tad bit much for him. 

This year I offered to take pictures of the winners in the main races, which means after each of the 5 classes, I run down the steps of the tower, go thru a couple of gates to get to the track, and stand there in front the the crowd, taking pictures of the winners with the checkered flag. 


My favorite driver won in his class - which I don't know.  Probably shouldn't say his name, huh.  I'm supposed to post the pictures on the race website at www.noisepark.com  but it'll take me a couple days to figure out their website. 

Duke would follow me onto the track and sit politely while I was taking the pictures.  He looked so cute sitting there, wagging his tail, watching every move I made.  He obeyed instantly whenever I told him to stay with me, stay, come here, it was quite touching.  The crowd loved him.  He's so funny with the tennis ball.  Whenever I held still, he'd toss it hopefully in front of me.  People would laugh at him cause he was so cute. 

Such a cool dog. 

Friday, May 18, 2007

Home Sweet Home


Someone who lives in the building asked me yesterday whether my two little dogs are jealous because of Duke.  I relieve my guilt by saying Duke sleeps on the floor where he belongs, while the two littles sleep on the bed, where they DON'T belong.  So the status in the household is as follows, according to Muttin:

Muttin:  Me.  Then you*.  Then Jeffrey.  And then Duke. 


Duke, however, does get a painting, which is about to get very valuable, because the artist died last Sunday.  He also gets a fan, and a San Francisco pillow, which was handmade by me, many years ago, when my son was a 49'er fan. 


Just Call Me Generous

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Thank you!


After chasing the tennis ball 77 times, Duke normally leaves the ball out in the hallway..


Or just outside the back door.


This is the last ball we had. He eventually chews through them and I get rid of it so nobody chokes on puke green things. Cause if I saw puke green things coming out of my dogs, I’d probably freak.


This morning, when we went out, someone had given us two more tennis balls. Duke has fans!


This is Muttin/Jeff wondering what the heck is so fascinating about chasing these things.

Friday, May 04, 2007

No clue what to title this so I won't

He:  So can you get away for 48 hours?

Me:  I've got races ...

He:  Races?  Races?  You can't have races, you don't have teeth!

Me:  ???

He thought I said "braces". 



You may be wondering what this is a picture of.  Obviously, it's a tree, but there's more to it. 


Here's a little closer.  Still can't tell?


Duke was behind the tree, pooping.  Wasn't that polite of him?  And he obviously feels better!


Just Call Me Trainer of Polite Dogs


Thursday, May 03, 2007

He'll have tartar sauce with that please


Loves fish.  And it's soo healthy for you too!


Tuesday, May 01, 2007



This picture reminds me of ... something.  The style?  The pose?  It's driving me crazy, so I hope someone can let me know what I'm thinking. 

Very busy around here otherwise.  More later tonite, promise. 


Just Call Me Busy


Sunday, April 29, 2007

SweetieGirl and The Duke

Duke is off with his real mom, SweetieGirl.  She's spending the day at Craters of the Moon with friends and he gets to go.  So this morning when I took him out to pee and poo before she got here, he wouldn't cooperate.  He always does his duty after about 5-10 minutes of fetching the tennis ball.  But not this morning - he absolutely refused to play.  Or poop.  We were at the far end of the courtyard, and he lay down and just watched the patio doors.  It was kind of creepy cause it was as if he knew she was coming.  Which is cool, but how the hell did he know?  There was nothing different in our routine and I didn't tell him she was coming.  He had absolutely zero interest in me, didn't even wag his tail one bit when I spoke to him.  Being Mr. Aloof that he often is, he would still do a polite tail wag when I talked to him.  Not this morning.  He also rarely makes eye contact, but this morning he would look at me as if asking a question and look towards the patio door again.  Gave me goosebumps, I swear.  I'm so glad we're able to make it so she can see him.  I prepared a doggie bag with some treats, frozen water, water dish, poop scoop baggies, etc.  Felt like I was handing over a diaper bag to her, saying "he hasn't pooped yet". 

I just love her.  She's such a sweet girl.  And I'm so glad she's getting out and about, meeting people and doing fun things.  She's going to nursing school, after deciding not to do pharmacy school or medical school.  When I was her age, and my stupid husband left me, I had two babies, and sunk into a 20 year depression, faking my way thru life.  I did start nursing school a month after Jacob died, but I couldn't handle it - it was too soon to be back in the medical world.  She and I are so much alike in so many ways, but she is the smarter version.  Just love her.  As does Duke.  My hell, he's happy to see her - it brings tears to my eyes.  He's so aloof most of the time, it's just a joy to see him act like a giddy puppy.  I'm kind of curious to see how he acts when she brings him home.  If he'll be one iota as happy to see me.  I love that damn 3rd dog, I do. 

I'm open to new suggestions for what to name my blog.  I'm not getting many hits with "Seeking San Francisco".  Or rather I am, but they don't stay but for a few seconds, which probably means they did a search for "San Francisco" and once they see I'm a mere blog, out they go. 

There were more hits when I had MS in the title and/or the dogs. 

What you think?


Just Call Me Duke's Biggest Fan


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It's taken me all day to post this thing, just get it the hell away from me!

I took Ms. Carmen's advice and walked with the dogs.  Which you know is what I used to do. 

I got up, pooped the dogs, fed Duke.  Frowned sternly at all dogs who were milling around my feet, expecting to go. 

Walked to Snap.  It's a 10 minute walk.  BY MYSELF.  It was heaven.  I love walking in the early mornings better than any other time of the day. 

Today was Day 2 for going to Snap Fitness.  I didn't do cardio, because as you now know, thanks to Good Morning America,  cardio is bad.  I did all the weight machines a minimum of 1 set of 20 each @ 20lbs to begin with.  I'll work up to 2 sets at that same weight and then increase the lbs as I go along. 

Walked back home, another 10 minute walk.  Got home, peed the dogs, because according to them, the 1 1/2 hours that I was gone was Bladder Hell.  Who cares that they seem to be able to hold it for 8 hours overnite.  That is not a factor when the guilt trip is being applied. 

Read emails, other blogs, ate one hard boiled egg, canned peaches, and then another hard boiled egg.  Yum.  The most important part for me to remember is portion control.  That alone can turn down the calories with hardly any effort. 

Then it was time for Stella Hella to come, and feel my normal resentment at being invaded.  Stupid Medicaid.  She didn't feel good, so I told her to go away.  Then I leashed up all the dogs, which is a huge ordeal because they're so excited.  Must train them better. 


(Three dogs on

2 leashes)

Walked to ... "Wheels" house, so that I could take her fat Chi wa wa for a walk.  Put Duke in her back yard, where he proceeded to stick his large head thru the chi wa wa sized pet door and Muttin/Jeff were trapped outside cause Duke wouldn't let them thru.  Worked for us, so we could have a peaceful visit.  Cept for his whining.  Took Daisy for her walk, down a block and a half.  Took Jeffrey with us, cause he's a big baby and howls if I leave him behind.  Worked out great cause it made Daisy walk harder in order to stay in front of him.  Wheels said Muttin sat next to her on the couch, and watch out the window the whole time, waiting for me to come home. 

Wheels then forced me to drink a coke. 

The dogs and I walked back home, going the long way around, so they could have some freedom off the leash down some back alleyways. 

Time back home?  2pm.  How many steps so far? 


(By 2pm in the afternoon, people)

10,000 steps a day is supposedly the way to maintain your weight loss.  At this rate, I should be 79 lbs in about a month.  These dogs are going to wear me down to nothing. 

What's next on the schedule?  Relaxing, watch Dr. Phil and Oprah.  Eat some oatmeal with plain yogurt and raisons.  Very fulfilling, and helps me not be hungry all afternoon.  Do this post.  Cuss at camera.  Look longingly at the dogs, who are laying around and napping.  Lucky dogs. 

The rest of the day is wide open.  Cept for a tennis ball session at about 6:30.  Duke will sleep the rest of the afternoon because he's worn out from walking at noon.  The 6:30pm session should keep him tired enough so that he won't stare at me relentlessly all nite.  The stare that says "I've still got pent up energy in my young bones, and you've failed me today" stare. 

I must get out of this post before it gets more stupid. 

Monday, April 02, 2007

30 Deeds for 30 Days - Day 1

30 Deeds For 30 Days

Today's good deed was to set out some outgrown shirts and blouses out on the Donate Table that is held on the first Monday of each month.  Which gave me more room in my drawers!  Which I will NOT fill up with more clothes!  No! 

I am plenty un-nerved just now because Duke just howled.  He's just laying down at my feet, and suddenly he howled.  I don't know if he had a bad dream, didn't like the video I was listening to at the moment, or if he's got a sharp, piercing pain in his belly. 


Friday, March 23, 2007

Duke, SweetieGirl, Piracy and Duke

I took Duke to his babysitter (SweetieGirl's dad) and he has to spend the nite outside, with another dog, who lives at the family's business, a transmission shop.  The other dog is "Nitro", and is a shop dog - just stays there to ward off burglars with his wagging tail, which will supposedly beat said burglar to death.  Grandpa leaves a big tub of water, and a big bowl of food - which I strongly doubt Duke will be wise enough to pace his eating so that it lasts him the whole weekend.  So basically... Duke is having a camp-out weekend.  I'm just a worried dog mom, even tho I know he'll be fine.  He loves it over there.

SweetieGirl hasn't wanted to see Duke since she gave him up to SonOne, when they separated.  It hurt her too much, and had said her good-byes.  She thought Jeremy still had him, and hated the thought of me having him cause she thought it was too much of a burden.  Well, as so often happens, (I personally believe it's a rite of passage) ... Duke now belongs to me.  Don't all kids leave their pets with mom/dad when they leave home?  SweetieGirl feels better to know that he's happy in one place, and for her, it's like she's now the aunt who can come visit anytime.  She comes into town every Friday to work for her dad, so she'll now come by and take him for a walk to Rigby Lake or whatever, and it won't be so painful for her.  She's in school for another 4 years, who knows what SonOne will end up doing, but it's difficult for him to keep Duke, and I now have 3 dogs.  Three dogs.  THREE.  Gads. 

But there is a good thing.  Now that she's able to see Duke, she'll be able to watch the dogs for me when I leave town by just staying in my apartment with them when I go on these trips of mine.  Ben.  :-))))

The thing is... Duke hadn't seen SweetieGirl since Christmas.  When he saw her today... wow.  I've never seen him so happy.  He wiggled and whined, and squealed (a bit unmanly if you ask me) and barked, and rolled around on the ground like a dog on crack.  Or like a puppy.  He's such an aloof dog, rarely seeking attention or affection, so it made me tear up - you can't tell me animals don't have feelings. I'm looking forward to seeing SweetieGirl more often, Duke will be happy to see her, and still be happy with me (cause I'm the only one who gives him a nightly massage, I mean...really), and SonOne won't have the pressure of me nagging him to come get his dog before I fall in love with him.  I just don't see him being able to go to school full-time, have a full-time job, or 2 part-time jobs in order to afford his own place that'll take dogs, and still have time for Duke.  So.  I now have 3 dogs.  THREE.  You'd think I'd be used to the thought, but I'm not.

I pirated someone's Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook program that updated the one installed originally in this computer, and also someone's registration key number for Clipmates.  I used all three every single hour I spent on the computer and am at a loss without them.  I guess when one breaks the law by using other people's programs, one should remember who they're being crime buddies with.  Well no, wait.  Ignorance protects the other in this case.  Should the Computer Police catch up with me, whoever was my partner/s in crime are safe cause I sure as hell don't remember who they were.  I can't even begin to tell you how much other stuff I'm missing.  I'm sure I've pirated other stuff, but those 3 were the ones I missed immediately cause I use them ALL the time.  I've decided to get drunk.  There was also some 30 pages I had been typing up of someone's life story here in the building.  For 5 bucks a page, and now they're gone.  YES I KNOW I SHOULD HAVE BACK IT ALL UP, SHUT UP.  This hasn't been my smartest month.   

So.  Did I tell you I have three dogs?  THREE.  One of them is big.  Gads. 


Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Duke Loves Me and it's About Damn Time

As I was taking their picture, SanFranMan called.  He is VERY fond of the dogs, so he called to wish them a Happy Valentine's.  Hee!  Okay, he didn't call THEM specifically, but when he signs off most of our conversations, he says "Give the dogs a hug and a kiss from me".  True story.  I know 'some' of us might find that hard to believe. 


I was gone for 8 hours today, working for the Wicker Lady.  When I got home, the dogs wanted out immediately.  Muttin/Jeff dance and jump and run when we get outside, but they won't do their business until I've acknowledged each of them by petting them, or saying their name, or they 'high-five' me with their nose on my hand.  Duke grabs his tennis ball when he knows we're going out, and trudges about the courtyard ignoring the rest of us while he goes about his business.  As we walked down the courtyard, I contemplated the fact that Duke has never really come to me like the little ones do for petting or attention.  He'll come to me when he wants to go outside, do the tennis ball, or eat.  But just as I was thinking that he's just not as happy or friendly or bonded or yippy skippy as the littles, Duke put his tennis ball down, stared at me until I got a little un-nerved, which made me say "What?" as in what the hell, dog.  Then he walked over to me, wagging his tail so hard that he was wiggling back and forth and I had a hard time petting the proper end of the dog.  Such a happy big puppy! 

Usually, when I've reached out to pet him or hug him, he ducks and is stand-offish.  As if he just can't be bothered.  SonOne says he and SweetieGirl have never hit him.  Not knowing that, I've swatted him 3 different times, for barking (and not quitting), and once when all three were at my feet and he snapped and snarled at the little dogs.  That was more of a sudden shoving him out of the way.  The other time was when he didn't come when he was called, running down the alleyway.  I went after him, stood over him and pointed the way to go and said "get back home".  At the same time, we were standing on some ice underneath the snow and I started to slip.  He thought I was going to hit him as I fell with my arms flailing - halfway reaching for him to steady me.  All three times,  he snapped, snarled and growled at me.  So I've be soundly trained to not hit him in any way, shape or form.  Smartass dog. 

As I was contemplating the above, prior to his happy dance, I had also been thinking about calling SonOne and telling him to come get his dog.  Then he did his happy dance and wanted petting and hugging - it just figures.  Cause I got all melty and mushy inside and think I love this dog. 

Great.  Just great. 

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Flu times

Did anyone notice that the Queen Mother is amoungnst us?  I'm completely honored and intimidated now.  Shouldn't she be getting ready for the Oscars

And that TC person - she's being all mushy cause she's my sister. 

Now, just to make it clear, I did get the Valentine's phone calls and/or emails and/or the IM chatties.  It was the dogs who were waiting for a phone call, which I think the picture made PERFECTLY clear.  Isn't it amazing how I can get them to pose the way I want them to?  Betcha can't figure out how I got them to stare at the phone, huh huh huh?

It's a bitch having 3 dogs in the spring time.  It's muddy outside, they bring it inside, they're starting to shed their winter coats, so there's black hairs everywhere.  (they're, their, there! all three in one sentence)  And they're going stir-crazy cause they want outside ALL the time. 

One of these dogs has got to go.  Cept I love him so much, dammit. 


His favorite place to play fetch?  You're looking at it.  You can see the little round granny rug just beyond his head?  That's my front door.  We play fetch in the space of ohhh 15 feet?  Lots of fun.  I've tossed the ball down the hall, remember my hallway


But he's very loud running and sliding and catching the tennis ball.  When old people start poking their heads out, we go back in. 

Going now.  Muttin just threw up.  The flu is going around and I've had it for the last 2 days.  Fun times. 

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Duke


Whenever I leave the apartment to walk the dogs, I have to make sure to take the apartment key.  It hangs by the door.  EVERY time, I forget, and get to the outside door and have to go back.  Muttin/Jeff are used to this and just stand by the outside door and wait for me.  Duke always follows me back and watches me get the key. 

Well, tonite, when it was time to take them out, Duke stood below the key and stared at it.  Yes.  I know!  I can't decide if that's spooky, brilliant or FAH REEE KEY

He also stands up to fart and then turns around to where his butt just was and smells it in the air.  Which is just so rude. 

He moans more than any sex partner I've ever had.  All nite long, suddenly I'll hear it, wake up, and worry if it's because his tummy hurts or maybe he's got an earache?  I've never known a dog to moan so much.  Actually... I don't think I've ever heard any dogs moan.  Moan now seems like a funny word.  Moan moan moan. 

I've got to get out of this post.


Friday, February 09, 2007

Little Bits

Duke and I went for a short walk this morning, because I was wondering if another control measure of his was not pooping unless we went for a walk.  Cause he didn't poop yesterday.  Sure enough, he pooped down the street, and me without a baggie to pick it up.  And naturally it was the farthest point of the walk.  So he got a longer walk because I had to go home to get a baggie.  Now tell me ... how many people would do that, hmm?  Allow me to pat myself on the back. 


I ran the length of two houses this morning.  Now keep in mind these are country houses.  Mansions really.  With front yards at least an acre...


I put my pill supply on the cabinet in the bathroom, figuring that they would be staring me in the face when I peed, which would remind me to take them.  Since I was peeing 72 times a day, you'd think it would work great.  Well, it works great first thing in the morning.  But I've got a new medication for the problem of peeing 72 times a day, and it's working so great that I only pee once a day.  Which means I keep forgetting the evening dose of my pain meds.  I can't win!


FiberSure is a supplement for increasing one's fiber intake.  The commercial features a clear glass of water and states that the fiber mixes clear and you don't even know you're taking it.  Now... correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the purpose of fiber to "scrub" the digestive tract, and move the poop along?  So how is a glass of clear water supposed to do that?  It dissolves so you can't even see it.  What is doing the scrubbing and pushing things along in a clear glass of water?


It is a VERY freaky feeling to watch Muttin lick my foot, but not be able to feel it. 


Sunday, January 28, 2007

As youuuu wishhhhh

Oh the pressure, the pressure.  One reader thinks I've fallen off the earth cause I haven't posted since Friday, and another reader wishes I would post less pictures and do more writing. 

It's the pictures that usually spark my writing, sniff.  At the same time, I hate uploading the pictures cause it takes sooooo much time (like 3 entire minutes). 

So here it is.

Duke keeps moaning.  I think he's got arthritis.  There's one section of our walk where he's afraid to cross a little bridge that goes over the canal.  So he goes down into the canal, and it's a steep little hill getting down and then up again.  Dunno what he's gonna do when the water comes back in the spring.  If we do the bridge at the beginning of the walk, he cries with pain when he jumps back up the bank.  If we do the bridge at the end of the walk, he bounds up like the athlete he thinks he is.  So of course, we do the bridge last. 

Gosling said I used to write about "going out" more.  I asked as "going out" the front door into the world, or "going out" with boys.  She said I used to go to Curves.  I had to laugh.  So I'll write more about "going out".

Today, yesterday, and last Friday and Thursday... I did not go to Curves.  Of course, I could draw out this writing gig by assuming the question would be "Well, why didnt' you go to Curves, Laurie?".  And the answer would be... I dunno.  Didn't wanna.  Can't remember what I was busy with instead...

Okay.  That's it.  Oh wait.  I could share a bright and stimulating chat I had with Ben this afternoon. 

McShadow : k
McShadow : know how to know if you're eating healthy?
McShadow : hmmm?
McShadow : guess
McShadow : cause I'll bet you don't know
McShadow : hurry
Ben: enlighten me
McShadow : your poop will float
Ben: really
McShadow : yup
Ben : i never knew that
McShadow : I'm sitting here nodding my head firmly
Ben : mine goes straight to the bottom.lol
McShadow : the only reason why I mention it....
McShadow : well
McShadow : because mine just floated
Ben : way to go!
Ben : rofl
McShadow : and I remembered reading about it a long time ago
Ben : I'll make a note
McShadow : do
McShadow : but.... it was green
McShadow : that's kind of worrisome
Ben :  (makes a green urpy face)
McShadow : lolol
Ben : did you eat lots of iron food?
McShadow : nope
McShadow : well wait
Ben : greens, liver, etc
McShadow : I eat ALOT of raisons
McShadow : but hell... I'm used to eating raisons
McShadow : was never green before
Ben : you had somethig with iron babe
Ben : that one i know
McShadow : what is eggplant?
Ben : thats why babies poop green, most of that baby food ios full of iron
Ben : there ya go
McShadow : hmmm
McShadow : you may be right
McShadow : I'm blogging this
Ben : oh my
Ben : i guess i should say somethign provokative then
McShadow : and spell correctly
Ben : that two
Ben : ready?
Ben : "Trouble rodes a Fast horse"
Ben : rides
Ben : so much for spelling
McShadow : you're incapable
Ben : of what?
McShadow : of spelling right
Ben : well, im an excellent speller, justa lousy typist

And as it turns out, we went over why I don't go to Curves much anymore. 

Ben : so why did you become disenchanted with curves?
McShadow : got mad at the owner
McShadow : plus I quit losing weight
Ben : but you could stay healthym, yes?  Get that cardio thing going and all
McShadow : the last four months, didn't lose anything weight wise or inches wise
McShadow : and when I questioned the owner about it
McShadow : she shrugged her shoulders
McShadow : plus when I wanted to order 2 shirts, she wouldn't change the order date to the next day, when I would have money. 
McShadow : when there was only one other order
Ben : i remember that
McShadow : the order date was a Thursday, the 28th
McShadow : when everyone in retail knows that paydays are Fridays, every other Friday, on the 1st and the 15th, and sometimes on Mondays
McShadow : she lied to me and said she had 7 orders
McShadow : later on, another employee who had heard about my hissy fit, told me that there was only one other order
McShadow : I hate liars
Ben : ok
McShadow : so I was going to go to the Curves in Rexburg
McShadow : but then I got that ticket in Rexburg
McShadow : so that ended driving to Rexburg
Ben : yep
McShadow : cause I figure Rexburg only has one cop and he knows me now!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Toes and Windows


Sniff.  I did this in Reno, and don't know how or when.  Couldn't feel it!


When I walk the dogs at nite, most people have their curtains/blinds up.  Some people don't and it's just common courtesy not to look in their windows.  Duke, however, does not have any manners in this regard.  He walks down the entire courtyard with his head turned so he can look in the windows.  Worse... he stares!  Then he'll walk up to the ones that don't have curtains or blinds and just stare in while wagging his tail. 


Sunday, January 07, 2007

Thanksssss for the mmemooriess

Having a large, male dog around is alot like having a man around. 

He moans and groans alot, hogs the bed, looks at me longingly (in his case, for food, rather than sex), won't do dishes or set the table, nor will he brush his teeth and he lounges around without pants. 

This particular large male dog also drinks alot.  Granted, it's water, but it's giving me flashbacks of living with the alcoholic (ex)husband. 


He now has his own category


Friday, January 05, 2007

An Orgy of Sorts


An orgy of gongs.  And amazingly... noone fought or growled at the other. 


Friday, December 29, 2006

Dogs, work, pain, leashes, and dog beds.


Took the dogs walking and threw the tennis ball approximately 700 times for Duke to obsess over.  Good exercise for him, and he's worn out tonite.  And not a single whine.  Me walking 3 dogs on leashes?  Turned out not to be too bad.  Duke is on a short leash, while mine are on their longer one, and not once did it get all tangled up.  Since tangled up usually involves my legs, no tangles is good.  He does pull tho, so I'm thinking I need to get serious about roller blades. 

In other news...I got a job!  It's just doing inventory for a fabric store, so it's short term, but short term is good for me, since I can never be sure of being able to go to work 5 days a week, 8 hours a day.  I'm excited, despite feeling like shit. 

Watching 'Iron Chef America'.  Pureed lobster???

The Panty Painting going on was the reason for the pain these last few days.  Anything that raises my body temp does me in. 

Remember when I said my MP3 player wasn't working?  I gave it to SonOne and explained all the reasons why I thought the battery was dead, blah blah blah and he asked what I wanted him to do about it.  I whined "Fix it".  After giving me a look I'd rather not explain, he fiddled with it for about ... oh... 4 seconds and turned the damn thing on.  It works!  So I've been trying to figure out how to get the music on it.  Would rather do it myself because SonOne is too easily amused by my technology struggles.  I still don't understand CD's.    Vinyl_album Hell, I don't get LP's vinyl albums for that matter.  How music comes off those things is a miracle as far as I'm concerned.  But he likes to laugh at me, and I get frustrated cause I don't know how to explain what I don't know or understand.  And it doesn't help when the manual says "long press" for turning it on, with a picture of the buttons on the front of the player.  What they should have said was "Slide the tiny pinhead size button on the very tippy top of the player to the right".  I took it apart to see what kind of battery it took, and the screws were half the size of the head of a pin I SWEAR.  I had to use tweezers to get the screws back in their holes and luckily I had a itty bitty tiny whiny screwdriver. 

The dogs continue to be hilarious over territorial issues.  My dogs LOVE LOVE LOVE Duke's bed.  Specially Muttin.  In fact, she's downright disobedient when it comes to getting off it when I tell her too.  If I'd known she be happy sleeping on the floor on a big pet bed, I would have possession of one of my couches back.  Brats.  So anyways, after telling her to get off Duke's damn bed for the kazillionth time, she did this:


When I first looked at them, all I could see was Jeffrey, cause she had her head down, and her eyes were closed.  He looked... odd.  With a pained look on his face.  I thought he had swallowed half a cow until I got a second look. 


They stayed that way for more than an hour. 

My dogs. 

They are funny.

Blahg This:  Do you have any animals that do quirky things? 


Thursday, December 28, 2006



Meet Duke, my grand-dog.  I'm babysitting for a few days and he's quite the hoot.  He moans.  It's the funniest thing unless it's in the middle of the night.  My dogs were really restless last nite, and so was Duke, so we didn't get much rest.  They're laying new carpet out in the lobby and hallways, so it STINKS and that's what was keeping me awake, more than the dogs.  It's a toxic smell, and I kept thinking our brain cells were being killed off - which isn't a very restful thought. 

Every once in awhile, Duke would let out a big sigh and then moan.  I'd laugh out loud each time cause it sounds so... manly.  And of course, any attention I'd give Duke, my two would get very jealous and possessive.  Watching the three of them is fascinating.  Duke came with his own bed, and a paper sack of toys, bones, and tennis balls.  Jeffrey and Muttin were dominant over Duke... until I looked into the bag, which made my dogs poke their noses in the bag, which made Duke growl.  It was HIS stuff, thankyouverymuch.

Having my son, and Duke home for a few days is my Thursday Love.