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Thursday, July 10, 2008


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For goodness sake don't stop writing and don't worry about us. It's better, for me, to know than not.


Yup, don't stop writing. We know that it is your lifeline and while, yes, we worry, but you can't stop our worry whether you write or not. At least, when you write, we know you have not fallen and cannot get up. We both try very hard to respect the hiding thing but I'll still call occasionally to make sure you are alive. Also, if and when you are ready for my help on the blog, just let me know.


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    Once I loved someone, so I made home-made hearts to send him via email each day. He secretly liked them, while pretending not to realize that it meant I loved him. Then I quit being "in love", and quit sending the hearts, altho I kept taking pictures - now in memory of Jacob.

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