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Monday, June 30, 2008


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You might be watching too much TV if .... Good God, woman, don't forget about the volcano that is going to come shooting out of the ground in West Yellowstone and we'll all die from that, too. Or better yet, the Palisades dam will break and we won't be able to swim fast enough!


Dude, didn't you get the memo? NO earthquake movies this close to BlogHer. Don't freak me out.


Seen that movie ... love those apocalypse movies. I really like cheese.


Hi, Laurie... been a while! I'm in Salinas, en route to San Francisco from Los Angeles. Didn't register for Blogher, but if you're going to be there, we could still have coffee, couldn't we? Hope you will be well enough to be there. I'm just skimming in an effort at a quick catch-up, and gather you've not been good. I really hope you'll be feeling better soon.


Would love to meet up with you. Please contact me - in case I forget - I'm in a flare-up right now and can't be trusted!

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