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Sunday, May 25, 2008


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Did I ever thank you sooooooooo for watching the baby? I cannot tell you how much that helped and yes, I did know that you were hurting. I watched you when you didn't know it. I marvel at how you are still able to "do" in spite of the pain. Just so you know: 1) you don't have to try to hide it from me and 2) You don't do well anyway with trying to hide it. So just be yourself. Say No if you need to.


This makes me laugh since we both know how much I say "ow". Ow here, ow there, ow ow ow. What I mean by "trying to hide the pain" is trying to hide HOW MUCH it hurts. And as we all know, saying ow all the time dissipates it. Some.



I started my blog. on blogspot.com. WidgetCat. I couldn't begin to tell you how to find it. But I'll bet you can!


Don't guilt yourself out for what MS is doing to you. Live as you can and enjoy it!



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