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Friday, February 08, 2008


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Hmmm... much denial happening.


Maybe "it" takes a while. Maybe just a walking buddy. Whatever. At least you have someone to walk with!


I love someone else. Serious and seriously. Altho, when it was discovered that CoWinky also collects heart shaped stones and rocks ... I told him resignedly that we might as well get married. Later, playing cards, a newborn baby went by, and I said I'd keep her, and the old people shuddered, and said they sure wouldn't, and I said I want one in a heartbeat, and CoWinky said he did too. He doesn't have any kids. It just goes on and on. Today we're going to the thrift store in Rexburg. And to order my valentine to Mr. Serious.


Gosling! How is ... your college town, I forgot again. It's not Chicago. And you never answered me if you would like to write about your impressions of America in my blog. Would you email me your new email address? I don't have Yahoo chat anymore, so never see you.


I'm afraid to ask CoWinky about Nascar!


me thinks thou protesteth too much!


Rolls eyes at mdmhvonpa.

At least it gives me some blog fodder. I just haven't had anything to write about lately.


Blog fodder? I LOVE IT!!!

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