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Sunday, November 18, 2007


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I can only hope you 'brushed it off' (even if it is an act) so that future considerations will run a different course.


just call me confused.


Oh shit. Geez. Why is it so damn hard for our offspring to be honest and open with us? Or at the very least, honest? turds.

Imelda / Greenishlady

I'd be hurt & angry & worried & confused, and guilty for feeling hurt & angry etc. Not a nice place. Not nice at all.


I think I would feel hurt. Since I do not know all the dynamics of the relationship between mother and child, based on what I've read, I would even feel a little betrayed.


Betrayed is a MUCH better word for what I feel. Thank you. For him to put his father ahead of me, who WAS NOT THERE for pretty much 23 -24 years of child's life ... no matter how un-perfect a mother child seems to think I was ... I deserve more respect than I've been getting, ever since child moved to the same city as his father. I am THRILLED they are finally developing a relationship, I really, really am. But it's almost as if child can only handle one parent at a time, and one of them has to be the bad guy, and it seems it's my turn.


I would be a blue fury of hell and betrayal and would want to get so mad it's not true. I would want them to see, VERY clearly, the pain they have caused and the error in their thinking. I would frankly want revenge, the little ungrateful pup. If he feels so cosy towards his Dad let him cosy up to him from now on, see if I care.

But I couldn't. I couldn't show them the level of pain they have caused, because they would be my kid, and I would want them in my life. I'd need to talk, to say the words to them, as calmly as I could, but I would have to leave it there. Because I love them. And eventually I would have to forgive them, the brat.

Sorry he let you down. But you love him, and you need him, and so you have to work to repair this.

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