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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


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FFA!? Wow .. I knew there was something about you I would familiar ... no 4H though, eh?


1. I'm a redhead.

2. I'm Irish. Top of the morning to ya!

3. I don't speak Irish, almost no one here does.

4. I work in education.

5. I'm trying to lose ten pounds by Christmas, and my boyfriend is doing his best to ensure that doesn't happen. Bloody men!

6. I've just spent a very large amount of money buying carpet.

7. I'm 34 and will soon be 35. HATE it.

8. I wish, so very much, I had a dog...


1. I'm almost always late.
2. I have road rage.
3. I'm controlling.
4. I'm older than Walls!
5. I'm trying to get rid of the dogs I have (they are my children's)
6. I love cats.
7. I'm overweight.
8. I'm a compulsive spender.

I know, I know, I'm supposed to write things nobody knows already, but if I wanted people to know those things, I'd have already written them!!!

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