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Wednesday, October 03, 2007


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The Banner is excellent, you are to be congratulated. It is a lot of effort and folks do notice.

Duke does miss you, he's just such a well adjusted dog he copes well with change.

People who are cruel to dogs will get it themselves in the next life, you wait and see.

And 50 is young. You wait and see.


Heh ... I rarely look at that sort of thing. The advent of RSS readers have really skewed the stats.

And as for cruel owners ... Perhaps they will come back in the next life ... as a maggot.


I noticed and liked the new banner, i'm just not good at mentioning. Your birthday is NOT the day after Halloween, it's the day before.

Fun money? What fun money? ha ha


yup, we used to have Lazagna for your birthday and leftover for Halloween.
People who mistreat animals should come back as an animal and live with bad people. But that would just me more cruelty to an animal. hmmmm
I too, like the new banner. I personally think that taking the cats outside would be a mistake--they might love it and try to sneak out all the time, or do they do that already. Oh, I forgot, they could only get out in the hall, but they could escape eventually. My goofy cat went out the door ONCE. She freaked when she looked up and there was no ceiling, ran back in and has never tried to get out again.


Great banner. How rude for people not to pay homage to it.

My most popular page for a long time was Neuticles--false testicals for dogs.

We are indeed a sick society.


Great Banner...nice work.
Girl, we have to get you something better to read.


Good banner. I like the colours. It's just that the grinning skeleton creeps me out a little, but it's ok, I scroll by it.

Oh, and the owl in the middle reminds me I did try to google your owl post one day for about two hours but with no success. Do you know you're all over the internet, commenting on people's blogs and being on their blogroll and how DIFFICULT it is to search for anything that has the string 'MsShad' or 'Muttin / Jeff' in it??!

About the western romances, please, get something else to read! And, about the title of your post, I thought you were talking about my India and I was really excited. Okay, maybe excited is not the word... *ahem*

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