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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


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He's 18 months and wonderful. The grandson, that is. and you blog whatever and whenever you want. I love your blog!


It's a fortunate occurrence for all within my personal radius that I've spent the last hour and half reading these blogs, getting to know the critters and nodding slightly in abjectly miserable mirth over the commonalities of busy-brained people with MS. Say that ten times without taking a breath. Anyone, I mean anyway, thanks for helping make a rough day a bit more navigable. I'll probably chuckle in the wee hours about finding someone as obviously tilted as myself. Must head for bed. Gotta get a head start on not falling asleep and laying awake while hurting.


"My best blogging ideas happen between 2 and 4am in the morning, or while I'm in the shower. "

Time to install that wi-fi router in the head, eh?


Wi-fi? She's still got Windows ME - a dinosaur in my book. Get her to tell you why she says she can't go wireless because it would drive her son mad.


Did this post finish in mid-sentence, or am I not getting it?

Uh, VetMan... I have Window 98.

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