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Thursday, October 04, 2007


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Ah ha! Somebody's lying to me. I'm gaining weight. So there must be something wrong with yours and other bloggers that I comment on. Fix it!


Lurkity-lurk-lurk-lurk. Is this the correct site for nekkid midget cat and puppy porn?


God, those pics of Duke and the cat are incestuous! If only he knew what all you're putting up the moment he's gone...


De-lurking as ordered! :)

What ever happened to moving to SF (I am coming off a 5-month blogging hiatus/move so haven't caught up with everyone/thing yet!)

Hope you're healthy & happy!



Well, I'm from Ireland, I'm in love with someone very much for two years and we're trying to arrange our lives towards marriage and the like. I have a big family and an ailing mum that worrys me a lot. I have no dogs as an adult but MISS them so much it hurts. Homes should have dogs, in my mind. I'm female, 34, and work in Dublin.

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