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Thursday, September 27, 2007


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Holy shit. Umm. Great blog. Brought back a bunch of stuff for me, too. I had to learn, too, about why I drank and what I had to go through before I could quit. I still have some of the behaviors (control issues) but I keep hoping those will continue get better. Letting go of control is extremely hard. Not taking things personally is also difficult. Working with my boss helps with that. I still take things way too personally at home, tho, according to my kids. I think they are manipulative, too. They like to use my disease to tell me I'm "over-sensitive", need a sweat, controlling, etc. Oh well. I guess that's the price I pay.

I am the opposite of MSShad on this. I have absolute NO patience or tolerance for people that drink to excess. I have understanding but that doesn't help without patience and tolerance. I would absolutely NOT help him with getting to the grocery store unless I could impose my restrictions on him about buying anything. And, of course, that would be wrong of me. Who am I to judge? Well, I can't help it. I saw and experienced what drinking did to my family and I just hated it and myself. I'm proud that MSShad is able to separate the alcohol from the person and see the need. Not everybody can do that. I can't. What should MSShad do? Continue to help or not? And is it "enabling" if she does help? Who knows? I believe MS Shad will do what is right for her and more power to her!!!

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