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Saturday, September 01, 2007


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You're wonderful really with the way you fight the MS and go on and live your life in spite of it. I admire you for that. I've been wanting to say that for a while now.

Now, about the quilt, no idea about prices. I love the yellow. Please, the dark pink is much too in-your-face. And maybe even tone down the orange? Or keep it few and far away. I love the lemons. :)

San Fran Man

Yes, you like doing this and it is good. For 6 hours I would charge 17/hr so the total would be around $145 to $160. Well worth it. I've seen the finished product myself. My kids love theirs, and I my own... Stay, forever young.


I understand the money/memory thing all too well. I wasn't good with numbers before, but now am horrible. I haven't turned over all of my finances to my brother yet, but he helps several days a month. His wife is a bookkeeper, but he is the one helping me, as I was too embarrassed to ask her. It was hard at first to have him looking into my money, but now I am so grateful. And he isn't as restrictive as I thought, only because when I want to ask him for some of my money, I make myself ask the 20 questions before I even call him, asking myself all of the Qs I think he will ask me. By the time I do ask him, I am absolutely sure I need the money and have all of the arguments ready if he asks me.
I love the quilts. I think the yellow/orange one is terrific. I think the bright colors would be super cheerful for a young girl or even someone who is sick or invalid, to brighten up their day. I love the blues and purples too.


Not to worry too much. I'll just try to help find a way that you can continue a little better on your own with an occasional look-see to help out. Shouldn't be too bad. Hopefully. We'll work together on it!


Gosling - Thank you, Chickie

MistressAunt (I have a mistress!) I wasn't very good with numbers prior to MS too, but have done really well for the first 5 years of being on disability. Now? Brain = Gone Johnson!

SanFranMan - I don't know if I'm brave enough to go that high for the quilts ... yikes. P.S. Get back to work, honeylovedearheart ... it's time. :-)


don't be so hard on yourself! it's possible that some of financial mixup is genetic. My dad was a great spender of money he didn't have and I have been at times. Only I had not excuse. Not that I think you are making excuses-it must feel very strange to have your brain develop a leak. Maybe that's what has happened to my short term memory.
Glad you are coming to the Fair, haven't seen you for much long time.

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