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Saturday, August 25, 2007


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I say, go ahead and make the list anyway. Have five things to do BEFORE you're fifty, and then the rest of the list are things for you to do WHILE you're fifty (i.e., before you're 51). And don't forget to post them up!

Here's one for you: paint a picture of the dogs.


Got me thinking. I should make a list too. I'd better post it or I'll forget where I put it. I'll be 50 too. In October also!
hmmm, brain isn't up to the task today...maybe tomorrow :)


Ummm. Well, folks, I WON'T be fifty this year. So. I think I'll skip the whole thing!!!! LOL

Greenishlady / Imelda

I'm coming up on 50 this year too - but I have until December to do 50 things, or decide on 50 things, maybe. But I know about the power of wrting these things down - committing them to paper. I'm often surprised to find, when I achieve something, that I had written somewhere: I wish I could...

So go on. Make the list


You don't look a day over 48!

San Fran Man

"You know you are older when you can see more life and living behind you then in front of you...". Not an exact quote, but said by the dramatic sage, Dustin Hoffman.
So you should have the experience and tools to enjoy the coming years more than the previous. I tell myself this, reluctantly, every day since I turned the big 50. It really doesn't work, either. Some times I think we worry more about things we can't change because we are powerless to change them, and feel more in control to worry about them?
It was near 90 today in San Francisco. September and October are our summer months, and usually warm. 'No fog'.
The kids really like you, or love your dogs anyways!

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