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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


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That pic is scary. :|


so, are the teeth damaged? It will be nice when the mouth is totally healed and you can keep those teeth in your mouth. Has son one been here yet?


You sound like such a mother. I can just hear it ... "Keep those teeth in your mouth young lady!" :-)

Yes, the post below this one said SonOne was here. I hardly saw him as all the friends were in town too.


This was worth spending the last hour catching up on your life. Best one yet. You need to listen to your mother though, and keep those teeth in your mouth!

Guess where I am? One of your readers is from here. Maybe I should go visit her? Gosling, I believe she lives in India?


snicker. giggle. gasp. choke. Laugh out LOUD!

Eddie Storms

HAHAHAHA! Puppy breath + Puppy eyes treatment, huh. Kidding aside, you should keep those away from the reach of your kids and/or your pets. You can't take out the possibility that they'll be so curious about your dentures.

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