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Friday, June 22, 2007


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Excellent letter. I think you should give it to him. I am so tired of MD's with the compassion of Atilla the Hun who think they are God.


I just had my annual a few days ago. Did my MRI like a good little boy, and since I've been feeling really well, I wanted to see if the year on Copaxone helped. Needless to say, it helped immensely (two or three new lesions in 18 months, and 6 months of that not on Copaxone, and no active lesions). Anyway, my doctor and I had a long talk about this very topic. There's a raging debate in the neurological medicine community about how to treat patients ("treat" as in adminster care). One side of the debate says treat the patient, not the scans, and the other side says treat the scans (since they're far more accurate than the perceptions of the patient), and in some cases, ignore the patient. My doc, fortunately, takes a middle ground. We look at the scans and compare them to the person, and then collectively decide if the past year's strategy needs to be altered. Sounds like this asshat (gawd, I love that term) takes the second approach: treat the scans, ignore the patient. For your sake, I'm sorry for that. Never forget that you're the patient, and without you, he'd have no one to use to charge those exorbitant fees to the insurance companies...


You are correct, correct and correct.

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