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Thursday, June 14, 2007


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Holy Hell!!!! Talk about a ickyickystickshittyuckynasty ohmygod whathehellnasty mess! But, yes, you have a gift/curse. I'm NOT sure, at this point looking at what you've had to do, that it is truly a gift/curse. May I just say "YUUUKKK!" And no worries, we'll remind you what you wanted to talk about.


By the way, one of my cats (well, 2nddautherperson's) cat did the same thing only on the bathroom rug. I threw it out (the rug, not cat) and she learned to pee in the box. Very, Very strange.


I think I will just say--yup,yup,yup---what TC said. aaaarrrrgggh pretty well covers it too.


You are one hell of a woman....

(Reread the above, realised it was ambigious) In a very positive way! People like you deserve a lot more rewards than they get. Suffuse to say, you've been quite the example. Good for you.



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