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Friday, June 01, 2007


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I know a lot of people who have cats. I don't happen to know any who sought one out as their own. They all just happened one day and they kittens became cats and the cats never left.

Just saying.


Phew! I thought for a moment I'd allowed a typo to slip through, insulting you terribly. I would never call you simple-minded. You invite us to call you insane, however! Hmm.


odd things abound. Or at least I tend to think this type of thing is odd. Just a couple of days ago I was grumbling about how "Shad" never answers questions. Of course my reason for asking is somewhat suspect. I just wanted to tell you that I would be perfectly willing to take one, I said, one, of them after they are box trained, have had their shots and have been neurtered or spayed, whichever is appropriate. I am sooo kind and thoughtful.

This is for TC. Did you notice that you and I have been identified on this blog? Or would that be "outed"? hmmmmmmm


I'm back. I think. 98%. I like that. :D

Why is it that your other commentors get links to their blogs and I don't? Don't you love me anymore?

And you got cats??! I leave you alone for about a month and you get two more pets? :o


I believe we are definitely "outed." But then, I have been for some time. :0 I am SO glad Gosling is back!! Welcome!!! Cats. I love cats. But Shad is nuts. I stand by my statement. She said I could. (call her insane, that is!)


Jan - agreed, now that I think about it too.

Greenishlady - I'm still snorting in indignation!

Poogie - I think you just outed yourself as to which one was/is my mother. Oddness indeed abounds when I remember to answer questions, return calls, and eat. The only thing I remember these days is peeing. ONE kitten? ONE KITTEN? In what was once said to me as I sought out ONE GROWN-UP dog at the dog pound and came back with two hellion puppies ... "You wouldn't want to break up a sibling group, now would you???"

Gosling - Right. Come back the very day I explain your absence and make a liar out of me. It's your fault I have those kittens ... you are my most prolific commenter and you disappeared. Your fault, I tell you!


well, er, uh, I actually did think about that "sibling group" but somehow the thought of a litter box used by three! felines just did me in.

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