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Sunday, May 06, 2007


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This was absolutely insane!! (The pictures, I mean). 24 is an amazing number, isn't it? Happy Birthday, Jacob!


I certainly understand. Had my child lived he would be 37 now. I know the longing -- the what ifs and whys. Sometimes I think I'm okay with not having children and at other times I can feel a tugging where my uterus used to be. I'm not sure it ever goes away.

I think of you daily. Are you still taking Lyrica? I had to stop -- I just couldn't stay awake -- it made driving a challenge. lol



Thinking of you and Jacob.


Friday - Lyrica is the pain med that turned my life around and let me do things, so YES, I'm still taking it. I'm worried tho, cause I have only one more "up-age" to go before I reach the maximum dose.

And I can just guess which time of day you think of me daily. Let me know when you get low on the shots, I've still got about 4 handfulls left - that wouldn't fit in the box before.

TC - 24 is the most!

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