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Friday, May 04, 2007


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Oh... my... God. If there is ANYONE out there that can believe ANY of this shit, please respond. Please, somebody tell me they know she's full of shitballs!!! Okay, to clear the record. I was late. I'm always late. I can't argue with that. We were NOT, however, late to the races. I did NOT yell at her at the copy place, but yes, we were late there, too. I don't know how long it takes me to get into town because I ... just ... don't ... care. And we were both wrong about how long it takes to get from Maverik to Noise Park. I said 8 minutes, she said 5, it was 6 and a half minutes to the driveway. 8 to get parked. I went the speed limit, not under. I didn't tell the money taker anything but that we were lap counters and she DID NOT have to pay $10.00 to get in, I didn't make the power go out, the hamburgers were cooked with propane, the cokes didn't get cold, she did help get the power back on, there were only 45 spectators, not 55, and ... finally, and MOST important. She LIES about the lap sheets. I started getting all the count on lap 9, MiddleGirl, my daughter, started getting them at lap 11 and Shad, .. well, let's just say she's darn lucky we were there! SO THERE!!!

Who ya gonna believe???


Don't say "Noise Park"! You just blew my anonymity. Now my adoring fans know where to find me on May 12 at noon, and May 18th, June 2, & 16th, July 7 & 14th, August 5 at 5pm, August 11th, and September 1,15, and 22nd at 7pm. Shame on you. Don't you know there's an axe murderer amongst us?



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