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Thursday, May 31, 2007


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Nuts. That's it. Nuts. You're nuts. Certifiable.


I for one think you are perfectly sane, and that has NOTHING at all to do with my desire to see more kitty photos.


I was only commenting on Shad's getting more animals. Not the conversation. I enjoy her conversations with the dogs. I can hardly wait until the kittens start chiming in!


Okay, Shad. Pay attention. Walls commented that she thinks you are perfectly sane right after I commented that you are certifiable. So I wanted to clarify that I believe you talking with your pets and them talking back is perfectly sane. But you are certifiably insane if you add more animals to your life. That's all. Not argumentative, not guilty. Just factual!! :) (read, "I'm laughing!")


Uh huh.

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