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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


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Good blog! You might want to also consider just taking one dog at a time. What a concept, huh? Or even two dogs and then Duke by himself so they all get personal, undivided attention from you on alternating days. Muttin, Muttin, Muttin. She's kinda selfish, isn't she? Tell Duke they do make more tennis balls. More can be had. No stress.


I would most certainly do that, and have, but stopped because Jeffrey howls when he knows I'm out with another dog. According to the old people. He was a disturbance. And he wouldn't train out of it, either.

Ya know...seeing Muttin in print really does point out her bitchy side. Even I am surprised.


I think you did the right thing. And remember, dogs are the most lovely creatures because they are ALWAYS our friends. They'll get used to this in no time.


Get out there and walk. You can do it!

I think maybe you should take a walk with EACH dog.



"out with another dog?"!!!!! Oh my. Jeffrey may need counseling. I believe you are entitled to go "out" with anyone you want!!! HHHEEEE HEEEE giggle, snicker, gasp

and .... ..... Muttin IS a bitch!!!! LOL giggle, heeeee heeee hhhaaaa ... I kill me!!!


Looks like TC is missing the dogs too much. Withdrawal symptoms. Maybe she needs to babysit the dogs more.


Gosling: Yes, I do think TC is missing the dogs alot. Methinks there may be a big opportunity coming up where we can remedy that.


Back, back, back, I say! Take 'em back!!! Take back those words, Gosling. Take 'em back!

What big opportunity?


I hereby take those words back, now that the damage is done. :D


I am a rock. I am an island. Words cannot hurt me. :D I'm okay now.

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