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Tuesday, April 03, 2007


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I recently came to know I put on 10 kgs in the past year. (How I came to know? Mom sneakily made me get on the weighing scale. Hmph.) Anyway, I was thinking maybe I should knock out all my teeth and have dentures put in... will make me lose weight?

I need to know more about your dilemma. Like -- what is the item??? I am too curious.


I HATE your blog. It just made fun of me. When I was posting the comment just now, the word verification thingie was --

MO 27 KG

Yes. It did that.


OK, here's the thing--about the 30 deeds in 30 days. It doesn't say what kind of deeds. So, it's my belief that any old deed would count. Maybe even a dastardly deed.


I like it!!! Good show, mum! I mean, Poogie!!


How in the HELL does someone trick you onto a scale??? This I've GOT to hear. I'll even let you inside the blog so you can tell us. And I've been mulling around for days what MO 27 KG meant. Is she a spy with a code name and she left out the 'B' in KGB? Now I realize it posted your weight. THAT is hilarious. But never never say you hate my blog. You know how sensitive Jeffrey is.

And to my mother and sister? All I can do is give a deep, disappointing sigh. Altho... dastardly WOULD be easier. I don't have a good reputation around these old people...


Oh, it wasn't anything tricky as such. She just blackmailed me onto it. Nothing big, really.

MO 27 KG = more 27 kg (after putting on 10 kg)

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