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Wednesday, April 04, 2007


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Good for you. Now enjoy your easter and have lots of easter eggs. You've earned it.

And that lovely Muttin can't stay mad at you forever.



"That lovely Muttin"? That LOVELY Muttin? Did ya'll HEAR that! Oh, I'm so pleased I'm gonna spend the whole day working on the camera problem! Her fans await.

Well after I move furniture out of my bedroom, that is.

I thank you, and Muttin thanks you. Jeffrey rolled his eyes. Duke asked if you had a tennis ball.


This one had me laughing so much I almost fell off the couch. Not good for me! Or very good for me, maybe. Thank you. Thanks to Muttin, Jeff, Duke too.


I think LOVELY was a typo. Walls couldn't have meant it surely. That's just not the right adjective.

And I wanted to ask you - with all that raw chicken, don't they get HORRIBLE bad breath? And she's sitting on your lap, engaging in deep eye staring with you... don't you die of the fumes coming out through her mouth? I'm just curious.


Greenish Lady: Just consider falling off the couch payback for your smart alecky comment wondering when I'd notice I had 3 Three THREE dogs. Ha!

Gosling: Oddly, the dogs don't have bad breath. What causes bad breath is food fermenting in their belly's, and the chicken and/or RAW diet just doesn't seem to ferment. Duke does have bad breath sometimes, he does eat dogfood. When the Little's have bad breath, that's when I know they've gotten into something they shouldn't have. For instance, in Muttin's case... cat shit.


Walls ... you truly need to meet Muttin in dog. You truly do. She can be very charming and sweet and even ... dare I say it? Lovely. But she is also ... well, I think ... bitchy is the correct word. What's really funny is when she stays with me, she is NOT at all bitchy. She definitely bows to the greater dog. Jeffrey is the head honcho and protective and all. Very funny.

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