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Monday, April 16, 2007


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I think---no I know, I wouldn't have the guts, but I know you won't be happy until you get this adventure underway. Just tell me you would have a place to stay temporarily. please, please. Mom's are allowed to worry about basic needs for their children.


What are the risks? You know you have a place to stay, if temporarily. What are the advantages? Pros ... Cons ... What do you have to lose? I say ... What will make you happy? Life is too damn short to wait for happiness.


I say go get temporary housing before you go, but then DO go.

Queen Mother

The hills! The damnable HILLS. No place for a body to live much else walk or drive. Of course it may have changed from the time I was there in 1982. What with the earthquake and all.


It's your dream. Shouldn't you follow it? (But yes, make some practical arrangements first).

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