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Thursday, March 15, 2007


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Friday's Child

The drooling will gradually subside and then disappear. Sounds like you were a lot more brave than I was. My bestfriend went with me. She sat at the foot of the chair and kept rubbing my feet. At one point I tried to get out of the chair and she said, "Whoa there, Sparky! Where do you think you're going?" She said I relaxed after that. I don't remember any of it except before I went drifting off into Nitrous Oxide-land I was shaking like I was an old, overloaded vibrating bed in a cheap motel.

It's great you didn't need pain meds and that you had people around to comfort you. It's wonderful to smile really, really big, isn't it?


What did she get you a hammer for?


I wonder about the hammer too. To break up the ice, maybe? Surely not to hit yourself over the head, as you did so well and they (your teeth) look so good. Lots of sleep isn't a bad thing.

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