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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


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OH. My. Good. Grief. keep em in ur hd!!!!


I know someone who took his lower teeth out, during the night, asleep, threw them across the room where they hid under the dresser.


Yesterday my father read out a story from the newspaper about a lady, her teeth and her dog. The dog ate the teeth and had to be taken into surgery and the teeth taken out. The whole thing cost $1,200. I looked at my father and asked him how much a new set of teeth would be. And he looked at me strangely and said, "they also had to save the dog." :D

So, well, I related this cos DOGS EAT TEETH! Beware!


A whole new obsession to write about! Teeth stories! I shall collect them.

The teeth that hid, did I know their mouth too?

And Gosling, the horror of that story... I can't even begin to contemplate. And of COURSE they had to save the dog too.


Yes, I have to admit that you did/do know the mouth but let's pretend we don't, the story is still true and funny.

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