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Friday, March 09, 2007


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Am I supposed to understand the eucalyptus thing? I feel stupid...

Also, I imagined you 'jumping' in and out of showers and giggled on and off for five minutes. Still am. :D


Sounds like one of the elements on your water heater is burned out. Can be fixed very easily if that is true----the hard part would be to get your "landlord" to believe you and then do it.
So, where is this new place?


Gosling, since MsShad won't tell you, it's just an exercise machine and she pronouced and spelled it wrong. I think she got it right on this post, tho. Anyway, it's just an exercise machine. Eucalyptus is a nice smelly leaf from Australia, I think, that Koala bears like to eat. Which I'm sure you already knew.


Machines have names??!!!! Aren't they all called 'exercise machine'? What a world!
So now I know. Thanks. :)


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