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Friday, March 23, 2007


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No, you didn't. You still have some still on this blog!!! You can still save these, I think. DAM DAMN DAMN DAMN DAM. That REALLY Sucks! I've been there, done that. Now I back Everything up on a DVD. Shit. I'm sorry!


There. I'm done. I've save all the pictures on this blog for MsShad to keep on a CD. I know they are not ALL the pictures she's ever taken, but there's a lot here. So. Some are saved. I hope this is good.


Yes, that is GREAT. Thanks so much!


Oh I feel for you. You know how it is with me and all things puter. All elevtronic stuff is out to get us poor humans. I'm so sorry.


That is just terrible. My sympathies! But it is a good thing that some are still here on the blog. Have you consulted an expert about this? Stuff stays hidden in hard drives (apparently --- I don't actually know anything about it) that doesn't look like it's there, sometimes. Hope they will turn up for you.


I don't suppose you could misplace some that are on the blog as well? No? anyway...


I don't suppose you could misplace some that are on the blog as well? No? anyway...


BEN!!! Shame on you!!!!

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