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Tuesday, March 13, 2007


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OK, your mom may be slow, but she has finally taken the hint, she will not be reading your blog, at least for awhile. Really doesn't enjoy the trash, but does REALLY enjoy most of the rest. Tho it isn't all that pleasant to have her efforts at helping put down "in public". She kinda got used to it.


oops, again. The last comment referred to the previous post. I hope all goes well today.


Well, we are back. It went pretty damn well until MsShad asked me to take PICTURES of her in the chair with her mouth open to see the LACK of teeth. GOD. I cannot, have never been able to, deal with teeth problems of ANY kind. Couldn't even be a good tooth fairy. I made it through most of it until I heard the pliers crunch on a tooth. I had to leave. Now, you may think this was all about MsShad but ... Let me tell you, she did better than me! Really, she did GREAT! Okay, we are both at her house ... wait a minute. I AM NOT MEAN TO HER!! Don't believe a word she says. Although I do have time issues. Which we won't get into. She says "some day we will." It takes two to argue and I won't. Argue. Okay. She is sitting on the couch with her eyes closed (except when she is reading this) and resting. Doing well. Teeth look fabulous! MORE LATER.


You mean you DIDN'T take a picture of her without teeth???! I mean, ohmygod! This was the perfect comeback for all those humiliating dog pictures and you just... DIDN'T? Oh, I could cry...


Goz. I DID take pictures. I have no idea if they turned out or not. I just couldn't look. I just pointed and clicked. I don't even know if I got her or the air above her. YUCK!!!!!


TC and Shad are very weird, strange daughters, but wonderful and often even wise. Always interesting. Their mother has changed her mind about reading the blog, she was having a pissy day, and has apologized. hmmm, I wonder if this has a spell checker?


So? Where are these pictures?

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