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Thursday, February 01, 2007


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I agree as I'm now happily living in SF - but I have friends who keep moving to Seattle!


Seattle's good days more than make up for the gloomy, foggy, days. Besides, SF is foggy a lot too, isn't it?


I asked SFM about that, because I think the sun has ALOT to do with my mood swings. I won't call it depression, because I'm fine again when the sun comes out. But he said it's foggy alot, but it burns off by mid-morning. And I'm pretty sure SF fog would be warmer than Seattle fog. There is something to be said for the mountains... Don't make me doubt the wisdom of moving to SF!


The fog depends on where you live. The further West you go in the city the denser the fog.

We live mid-town and from here to the east it either burns off by mid-day or doesn't get very foggy at all! :)


I'm sure you are right about SF fog being warmer than Seattle. I remain loyal to Seattle, but that could be because I've never been to SF.

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