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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


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I hear you on that. Sometimes, most days, we're better off NOT knowing how bad tomorrow might be.

Great post!


Your dogs can't talk?!!!

To comment on the MS thing, on the outside looking in, it is also very hard to watch a vital young woman having to deal with this not knowing how to help, if an offer of help should even be made in some instances, to watch the drunk stagger knowing there is nothing to be done, hoping that a "breakthrough" treatment will magically appear, hoping that something as simple as getting good medical care would be that simple, hoping that a simple move to someplace where medical care is better would be simple, wanting to do the "right" thing and having no clue what that "right" thing might be. So, I wait, I watch, I offer some help, (by the way, I'm still open for the crotcheting when you are ready, and I'll come to your place), and I'm even willing go to dinner with you!!! Your treat :)

ally bean

That which mystifies you is quite a burden to bear. I know very little about MS and am glad that you talked about it here. It sounds complicated and painful, yet you sound strong and sensible. Life is weird so sometimes.


Very good post.

Pain: I hope you don't have to find out either, but I imagine you have amazing reserves and I have every confidence that you will not become embittered, but continue fighting and succeeding.



What TC said. Except for the crocheting. I don't do crocheting. That's with yarn, right?

You can always come to me for some bovine-sized pain killers.

I'm there for ya, baby.

Friday's Child

"...hated my body for betraying me." This is exactly how I feel. I rec'd my DX and began treatment two months before Katrina. Trying to get our lives back has been so stressful that I've had many good days that turned to crap midstride. Mystifing indeed.

I don't understand MS at all ... not only does it make me look stupid sometimes but also makes me feel stupid as well. I don't guess it really does any good for me to resent the disease but I still do.

Great post!

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