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Friday, January 05, 2007


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I guess farming was my favorite job, especially baling. Didn't like my bosses much tho. There were just too many of them. Also liked working as a merchandizer for a greeting card co. Hardly ever saw the boss.


good luck with the job.


I am currently at my favorite job as an aerospace machinist. I get to use 3 or 4 place decimals all day long, so i know that 7/8=.875, and rounded up comes to .88.
of course my least favorite job would have to working for minmum wage in a natural bread bakery. just an absolutly hideous job.


"India did not allow her into my blog"

Ooh. I feel so important. :D

My favourite job... would have to be where I'm sitting at a desk and editing. Actually, that was my last job, but I got bored with the subject matter. So I need to be editing something interesting.


My current job has been the best. Ever. Bar none.


P.s. Thanks for the update on the Bong/Gong issue. I like the flower pot use. A lot. I hope you are better after your fall. I would be very, very pissed. Is your phone still broken? Are you still working? Hey, I enjoyed the call from work.

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