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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


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No. Not at all. Muttin doesn't need a counselor. Except for the fact the one of the bigger dogs is female, fixed and not even interested in having sex with her. The other is male and fixed and probably tried anyway. Sorry, Muttin. I wasn't paying enough attention to keep him from humping you. Your own brother does it, how was I to know you didn't like it?

And the whole story???? Only I will ever know about the chicken issue!!! and I'm not telling. And, Muttin and Jeff, what about standing outside barking your brains out when the neighbor dog went whacko in the middle of the night? Did you tell Shad about that?? huh? Of course, not, you innocent little thing you. You became very quiet after I LOCKED you in at night. Didn't you? Yup. Seemed you got the message that barking at night wasn't good. But, Remember I did let you out in the morning and everything was fine. You bounced and were happy and everything. And what about jumping up on the hot tub lid? I didn't say a word about that, did I? No, I just let the two of you do it because ... you needed to be bigger for a while. I was nice.

And I completely deny the accusations about the washer and dryer. I did NOT threaten either of them with that. Never. In fact, I would have thought that the warmth when the dryer ran was a bonus. But No, the little ingrate.

Jeez. I'm defending myself against a dog. I need counseling.


Well, obviously they were protecting you from the neighbor's wacky dog!


The neighbor's wacky dog was tied up in their back yard. And as soon as I yelled at it (at 1:30 in the morning) it shut up, too.

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