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Saturday, December 30, 2006


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When I was about 18, I was in a photography place waiting for a friend that worked there when I noticed a picture of a baby that was very deformed in the head. Not noticing anything but the picture, I said something along the lines of it being a pretty ugly baby. I was then made very aware that the baby's mother was standing right there paying for the picture. I felt about 2 inches, no, less than 2 micromillimeters high, and tried to apologize. Obviously, one cannot "take back" something like that. She left the place in tears and didn't buy the picture. The friend I was waiting for informed me very coldly that the baby was very lucky to be alive as it had a horrible time at birth and the mom was very lucky to be alive, too. She told me that it was the only baby the woman could have. My friend then told me to leave and I not only lost a friend but I lost my self-respect. There was no way in hell I could ever make up for that but I did learn a hefty lesson. From then on, I have tried extremely hard to never, ever open my mouth without hearing the consequences ahead of time. I can't say I've always succeeded, but I've never done something that hurtful and awful again. I hope.


Shad, you did the right thing for the right reason.


ohmygosh. That is HORRIBLE. And I bet you get that hot flushed feeling everytime you think of it.


Ummm. Yup. I still feel horrible and guilty and awful when I think about it. So much damage with such thoughtless words. And to try to find that woman (which I could have) and try to apologize again would have made it SOOO much worse for her.

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