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Tuesday, November 28, 2006


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of course they do. unfortunatly, the amount of time we will be here is less than significant and i do not think i could handle them on the drive all over the place. nothing against the dogs(sic), but its not a good idea babe. its only a couple of days and just think of the joy they will have when they see you again. it will fill your heart with glee to see them again. absence makes the heart grow fonder.
seriously though, it would be best to travel alone this time sweetie.


Yes, I would take them. I also could stop every morning and evening and let them out. I could also recruit middle daughter into helping out, too. She doesn't read this blog so she doesn't know I'm volunteering her. :)


I know, Ben. Not to mention the 175.00 for airfare for the both of them. I was miserable last nite about leaving them, but I'm better now. What is more devastating is your ... attitude ... about them. You've got to get over the grudge you have had ever since Muttin slapped you. To forgive is divine, they say.

TC, the question is... what would be easiest, OR where would they be happiest? Hmmm. Can't think about it right now, or I go down funk again.


hey, it isn't a matter of one of your dogs beating the hell out of me for absolutly no reason. I was just thinking of being in a car with them for 2 days and actually having to partake in those...conversations with you and them. Not that I mind good conversation, but I don't speak, well ... dog.
Anyway, I am sure they will miss you dearly, and will relish every moment together when you return. Anyway....it's 1 am and my typing sucks.

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