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Monday, November 06, 2006


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Imelda / GreenishLady

So excited for you. I'm really glad it's falling into place, and totally admire your determination to get to where you want to be.
(Notice I've got Internet access again. No words written for NaNo since getting back online. Have to get back to it. What about you?)

Also ---- love those two dogs, every picture, and their little faces. Just love them. Jeff Gordon? Doesn't do anything for me. Just a culture clash, I suppose.


cool, cool, cool!!!!


Live birth? Obviously, or you wouldn't be asking for the cerificate. I've never seen that as far as I can remember. Besides--I was there and can testify to the fact that you were born alive. Very odd. So happy things are moving along.


My God, they refund money?!! Wow! Here, once it's out of your hand, it's gone. I mean, you won't see it again, ever. Wow! I need to get over this. Refund from the state!! Wow!


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