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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Reasons To Move to San Francisco

To recap: 

Reason #1 - Choice of places to go, places to eat and entertainment everywhere. 

Reason #2 - Weather is more temperate and stable - doesn't vary between 20 to 40 degrees from nite and day. 



Reason #3 - Can get a job dog walking, be a nanny, or go to Service Dog Training School.



Reason #4 - Walking clubs.  Will meet new people. 



Reason #5 - Mormons are a minority.


Reason #6 - Can buy pet insurance.



Reason #7 - Can find the hearts that were in the Heart Project.  I will have one of my shoes in each picture to prove that I really took the picture, and didn't rob it off the net. 


Reason #7 - Monthly newspaper on all things dogs. 



Reason #9 - Several MS clinics.   A CHOICE in medical care.  Also, Yoga, Pilates, Curves on every corner. 



Reason #10 - Medicinal pot is legal. 



Reason #11 - Reasearch clinics, pain clinics, and drug trial opportunities. 

Reason #12 - because happy cows are important to me.  And cheese.  Especially cheese. 

Reason #13 - I can't believe I haven't done this one yet!  It should be # 1 - THE BEACHES!


Reason #14 - because I'm at a low point right now (New Year's Eve) with discouragement - I searched for more reasons to move.  It didn't take long.  There's this.  I certainly qualify - as a woman.  Then there's the different cultures.  So many things to do. 

But mostly?  There's this.  Where else can you celebrate St. Stupid's Day? 



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