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Friday, September 08, 2006


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Beautiful tribute. It's hard where there isn't a lot to go on.

Jennifer Hernandez

hi my name is jennifer hernandez and i am the niece of jose ramon castro. tio ray as i called him was a loving caring great hearted person. everyone has there own issues and flaws of course but he was my GOD. my father died when i was only 4 so tio ray was the only father figure that i had and the only one i needed. i was his princess (that was what he called me). music was his passion, he had a huge system that he blasted all times of the day, he loved cooking, he coached little league, he flew kite with all of his nieces and nephews every chance he got, he loved the ny mets, he was a jokester, he has a now 11yo son who recently lost his mother also, he was 1 of 13 children, his mother passed in 1990, his father passed shortly after 9/11, he has over a dozen nieces and nephews all who love him dearly. my uncle passed when i was 12 and i have never been the same since none of us have. i saw the news that osama bin laden got killed today which is why i decided to google his name. the family of Jose Ramon Castro love him VERY MUCH and MISS him even more...its not so much that we are a private family we were just a grieveing family. till this day he cannot be discussed without emotions pouring out. he always had ok jobs so when he got offered this job it was a blessing so we thought, he started the beginning of that summer and 2 months later he was gone. this feeling that i/we felt and continue to feel is unbearable. i just wanted to thank you for the tribute and give you more to go on sorry it took so long. i read many pages and noticed noone knew anything about my uncle so this is it.
R.I.P Jose Ramon Castro a.k.a ray...tio ray...BATMAN

Jennifer Hernandez


Pictures of my uncle

Ariana Rodriguez

Jose Ramon Castro was also my uncle - through time and love. Raised to know him as no one other than TIO Ray
As I remember him... He worked hard for his family and would have done anything for us all.
Loved deeply by his whole family. Ironic how a name is indeed just a name even though a face will always follow.
But not ray! You would have adored his sarcasm and the life in his attitude.
Thank you for such a beautiful tribute! And may we always remember those we love and lost in the best of
Their time here with us!!!
RIP TIO !!! We all love and miss you!!!

Erica Hernandez

Hello, My name is Erica Hernandez.. Jose Raymond Castro was my uncle (known to many as Tio Ray) where I do start. Our uncle was a very caring and loving person. He was always full of jokes. He protected his family like no other. He was my father’s right hand man. It still feels like a dream to us. I don’t think I can every come to terms that he is gone. The day the attack happened I was working not even 2 blocks away. I totally forgot that he work in the building. I think if I would have remb i would have ran to him. Tio ray is our ANGLE our HERO. He was loved by soooo many.. He has touched soo many people lives. I wish his son our little cousin could have had the chance to really know the man his dad was. Life is short we are not guaranteed tomorrow. Please never forgot none of the people that lost there lives in the 9-11 attack. Yes life goes on but there memory MUST live ON for EVER!!
Uncles can often be seen as a replacement father figure by nieces and nephews. It is a chance to experience a relationship with someone who may bear similarities to your father, having grown up in the same family, but at the same time is not your father. An Uncle is not responsible for you, and is therefore able to share a less restrictive relationship. You may use your relationship with you uncle as a way to explore who you are and what might be possible in your relationship with your father. He may fulfill emotional needs that may not have been met from your father.

S.I.P Tio Ray We love and miss you. :’(

Thank you to those who cared to do research of our uncle. God bless u.

Katherine Garcia

Wow finally someone has recognized my brother Jose Ramon Castro, thanks for this tribute, Im not biologically a Castro, but I was adopted through Mr. Jose Castro & Laudalina Castro, may they R.I.P. I thank them for taking me in as thier own, however, Ray to me was 1 of a kind, he lived to dj & play his music like he was in club, he drove us crazy, he always had jokes on all of us. I didn't know that he took this job offer in widows of the world until that day, I was looking @ this in my office & thought it was a movie, when the news came on I said wow this is crazy, we being under attack. I thought of 2 other family members in those buildings & still I had no clue of my brother, no clue he was gone, until I made calls, I was devastated, its not that we want to be private, it's just we need to grieve alone, I catch myself doing it @ times, it still feels like yesturday, he left his son, Nicko, with no choice of his own,Ray loved his son to death,& all of us,I have him in my thoughts singing his favorite song, I'm too sexy for myself, well I have to say thanks again for this tribute,bless you all for your time & effort on this research for my brother Ray, R.I.P.Love you always, Kat.

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