My son got married a year and a half ago.  Before the wedding, his future mother-in-law came over to help me with addresses cause I was too addled in the head to do it myself.

She told me I had to stay well enough to be able to hold grandbabies. This caught me by surprise.

I have watched BFriend's grandchildren a few times. Now ages 5 and 2. It's just understood that it has to be a good day for me, and I cannot drive them anywhere, unless it's a really, really good day, and that is rare.

I've picked up the 2 year old several times, and have to use the wall to brace myself so that I don't fall. Sometimes I can't stand to be touched, so when they hang on me, I'm gritting my teeth. I absolutely can't stand for my feet to be touched, and they're both pretty good about remembering that. But I know the parents refrain from asking me to babysit more often, assuming that I'm having a bad day, or they don't want to risk stressing me, which will make my symptoms increase. I reassure them that I'm not offended if they're worried.

I have so looked forward to babysitting my grandchildren. I did daycare out of my home for 7 years - I loved holding the babies.

How I hate the thought that my son and daughter-in-law will have to worry about whether I'm able-bodied enough to watch their children.