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Saturday, August 05, 2006


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Wait. Youre bored so you picked up Ayn Rand? thats like saying im wet and cold so let me dive into the pool. You need to upset your routine babe. Walk the opposite way, go to Curves later in the day. Do a crossowrd(see Ayn Rand comment).
Travel somewhere you can be less bored, somewhere in the sun with fun things to do.
And don't give up on the garden, its a very good thing.
Powdered tomatoes? I've heard of powdered milk, Powdered eggs, even powdered poweder. but not powdered tomatoes? Just add water?


Tom was the same way. Want to proove you can get straight A's in school? Do it once, then get bored with school. etc, etc. That bit of leaving an inch or so of milk in the glass used to drive me nuts. Remember? I picked the dumbest things to gets nuts about. Of course the fact that you left them all over the house was a bit much. Ya, keep up the garden, you are just beginning to get results from some of the stuff, right?


You are NOT Boring!!! I just got done reading some of Dooce and you are on par with her, SO THERE!


I thought the milk in the glass made you crazy, but I couldn't quite remember for sure.

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