One male, one female - approximately 4 months old.

Partially potty trained - one pees inside and poops outside, the other cleverly does the opposite in order to confuse the DNA samples.

Muttin (female) is all black with black eyes. Can we say “devil”? Diva also comes to mind. Jeff (male) is black with white chest, chin, and toes. He looks like a worried old man.

Female is smart as in “dumb like a fox”, male is not smart, but he's cuter than her.

Champion jumpers. Of course this means they would be an asset on any basketball team, or better yet, the Frisbee Flying/Fetching Championships. This skill in no way reflects on the inability to keep the female IN her own yard. That’s a sideline hobby of her’s, one I’m sure she’ll give up once she gets bored with the neighborhood.

Prozac may be needed to stop manic behavior, if they don't grow out of it past the terrible twos.

They both are computer literate, programming the Day Planner to note their daily feeding time. Which they think is 4pm and 4am. 

They do not like leashes.

They understand the words "no", "down", "go to bed", "hold still", and "stay back". Actually, the girl understands these things, the boy follows her lead.

"No" means they stop what they're doing for 2 seconds, run back to me for loves and hugs, and run back to what they were doing.  "Down" means only jump on my pants twice
"Hold still" means you can't have a treat till you hold still for 2 seconds. They have mastered this one.  "Go to bed" means they go to the crate with a treat. They've mastered this one too.
"Stay back" means they don't zoom thru the gates or out the door under your feet anymore.
They sit cutely, looking lost and forlorn so you let them come thru after all.

They are adorable.

They eat puppy chow, Rolaids, and hot chocolate powder mix when they can find such items on the desk they love to jump on. They are also fond of shoes, slippers, leaves, twigs, and snow/ice. They're favorite activity is to take inside things outside thru the pet door, and bring in outdoor things inside.

They do not come when one whistles for them, because the cockatiel whistles for them constantly, thereby minimizing the effects of human whistling.

They are at their best when sleeping. They don't sleep very often.

They LOVE to jump up on high surfaces. They are frightened of getting back down on their own.

So far they only bark at each other and their images in the mirror.

The male is extremely valuable - he comes with a 486.00 vet bill for his parvo cure.

Please let me know if you're interested in the little darlings.