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Sunday, June 04, 2006


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Eesh. That sucks. :(


You poor thing...That can't be fun at all..I sometimes felt the same way sortta disconnected as though my car may scream off the road...

Makes no sense I know..but then, what does?


hey, for the record, you didnt fall in the snow that day. that day, we were walking down the path, and for no reason at all, yu just stopped, and i just gave you a little help to get moving again.
the time you actually fell, i caught you before you hit the ground, without me pushing you. its all good though


Dang it. So when did we laugh about it?


we laughed about it pretty much every time we talked about it. i just nudged you a little, and you were so shocked cause i would do somethign like that on the ice. im just in a hurry, you stopped, things in the universe need to go forward, not come to a grinding halt, you know?


"Perfect" is related to "Fine." F****d up, irrational, neurotic, emotional. However, "perfect" is better for the fine physical problems.

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