Today's track info

Dunno what's wrong with me - not that thrilled about race day today.  Somebody take my temperature. 

Maybe I'll start ... what's the word.... comment on the race live?  Live commentary?!  Okay, let's do it.

Race hasn't started yet.  Football players smashing each other.  Fox's line-up for tonite.  The Simpsons are still on?  God, the sound of my son and step-son talking to each other in those voices.  While they played Lego's.  If only I'd had a blog back then, I'd fit right in with the drama mama's who threaten death to child.

President Bush "Start your engines" via video tape.  What a way to un-class the race. 

Gordon's never won in Texas.  Doesn't like even. 

I can see right now that if I live commentary, I won't get anything else done today.  It's during the race that I normally do computer stuff. 

Plus my hands hurt.  I'm also discouraged because the wonder med that is actually taking away the pain?  They cause weight gain.  Sure enough, five pounds back on in 2 weeks.  Got the paper that comes with the meds each time I refill and read the side effects.  Yup.  Weight gain number 3.  Sucks.  So I'm going to add another mile a day to see if that helps. 

Boogity boogity boogity, Dale Waltrip says when the green flag rolls. 

To hell with live commentary.  I burned myself out on the commercial, and then Pres. Bush burned my eyeballs and eardrums.  Come back for updates. 

I'm moving my blog to another domain in about a month, cause I thinks Blogware sucks rocks.  And naturally, Blogware doesn't make it easy to transfer blog to another blog.  Easy, hell.  They just plain don't do it.  So I've got to do it all by hand.  I'm only going to transfer the facinating and the funny posts, so hopefully that cuts about 3/4's of the work down.  But all the pictures?  Gads. 

This staying home being disabled is a hell of alot of work with all this walking and all this blogging.