I got an email asking what happened to my "Aunt Flo Series".  Heh. 

Well, the story is this and this

My complaint now?  I've been cheated and robbed.  Duped to the max.  Tricked to the third planet from the sun. 

There hadn' been any Aunt Flo stories because there hasn't been any Friend from the Red Sea come visiting.  Now at my age, one could safely assume menopause had arrived and believe you me, I didn't miss my little 'friend', and only thought it appropriate for menopause to arrive somewhat calmly and discreetly, having had only a couple of hot flashes.  I sent regular memo's, reminding The Powers That Be, that heat was NOT good for MS, so please, for the love of Powers That Be, to PLEASE SPARE ME. 

But guess what!  After months of not Falling to The Communist's freedom, I've been Gifted with the Girl Time once again.  Which means it was a lie back in October/November when I said I couldn't get pregant.  Evidently, my time in San Francisco should have been Hummer Week.  Evidently, I'm still In Season.  Fucker. 

Apologies for the many links.  But at my age, one doesn't know how many months of Hunting for the Red October I have left, so I thought I better rush ahead with the alphabet.  You understand.