I took matters back into my own hands and reclaimed my backyard.  Ever since the jail construction dude/s let me know they watch me walk my dogs "cause my dogs are so cute", I've not walked back there, cause it was just too creepy and self-consciousy.  But then I told myself damn them!  Plus?  My dogs ARE cute.  So last Friday, I braved up and walked back my normal path, which puts me back in view of the construction guys.   

The same guy came over.  I pretended not to see him, and turned back down the courtyard.  Whew!  Another possible social crisis avoided! 

So this morning?  I tried again.  It's my backyard, dammit.  It's 750 steps if I complete the whole lap.  Those guys are gonna be there all year long.  So I braved up again.  The guy came over again.  We'll call him Nimby for "Not in my back yard" because the first comment he ever made to me was something about how I probably didn't like having a jail in my backyard. 

Nimby:  Hey, haven't seen ya around lately.

Me:  No...  I've been uh...

He:  Hey look, I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable the other day.  Seemed like you kinda ran away pretty fast.

Me:  My uh dog uh was running away.  She doesn't mind real well.  (aren't I so brilliant?)

He:  Well, she sure is a cutie.  (As Muttin uncharacteristically allows herself to be petted as if she's settled in for a lifetime of being petted by this man).

Me:  Yes.  She is.  (As I look at her staring back at me smugly, her knowing damn well that I'd rather be anywhere but here at the moment).

He:  So, what are their names? 

Me:  Jeffrey.  And Muttin.  Muttin/Jeff.

He:  Laughs.  For a long time.  Too long.  One of those laughs that happen when you're running out of words when you're talking to someone who's socially backwards and only speaks in one word sentences. 

Me:  I smile, and glare at Muttin. 

He:  So listen, how about that lunch?  Can I take you out to lunch today or tomorrow? 

Me:  Umm.  Tomorrow would be better.  (As I looked down at my baggy sweats, which I had purposely put on since I don't WANT construction guys watch me walk my cute dogs.  Yea right.  I'm beginning to believe Muttin cast a spell on the whole damn bunch of them)

Then?  Muttin THREW herself down and rolled over to have her belly rubbed and he obliged her obvious display of slut-ness. 

Maybe I should have put the baggy sweats on her, damn her little black hide!