Doesn't everyone have an Easter tree?  This is out in the lobby.  You'll have excuse me before I get to the title of this post because I'm in denial and would prefer to dither a bit about nothing first. 

Today is rainy.  I'm getting ansy for planting my garden. 


The more I work TypePad it, the more I like it.  Their customer service is awesome, plus TypePad promotes their blogs, so I'll get more exposure.  Where I'm at now, they do NOTHING, and their customer service sucks raw eggs.  How many blogs do you see hosted by 'Domain Direct'?  I've never seen one. 

It's so much easier to post pictures.  It takes about 15 clicks of the mouse to get a picture to the blog in the old blog.  Here it takes about 5.  It sizes the pictures itself and also files it away... somewhere.  I've yet the find that file, but hey.  Details, details. 

And God knows I don't want to over-work my mouse finger.  It's not fat.  And I need to save it for EBaying.  Just got Brad Paisley's "Mud on the Tires" for 8 bucks, people.  So fun. 

Okay, I'll get to it.  Did I forget what Easter meant because I'm an ignorant ass, or because of MS?  Truly, I couldn't remember.  Sat here for a good bit of time, astonished that I couldn't remember.  Played games with myself to remember.  Gazed serenely out the window to see if it would come to me.  Deliberately didn't turn on the TV so it could tell me.  I'm telling you, people, it was a wonder to behold, how hard I tried.  At one point, I laughed at the absurity of it all.  I kept getting Christmas in my head, and then I started to lose the meaning of Christmas, so I quickly filed that back away in some file (in my head)  This is crazy, but there was a sensation of slamming shut a file cabinet drawer inside of my brain... 

That's when I decided Easter had been deleted. 

Fucking had to Google Easter.  Probably shouldn't say fuck and Easter in the same sentence. 

UPDATE:  As I scrolled up above to check my spelling, I saw the Easter Tree.  I'd forgotten it was there.  Is it any wonder I was confused?  Damn the seniors I live with!  And how hilarious was it that I wrote all that without making the connection with the Easter Tree??? 

My head HURTS.