The note book marked 'Confidential' below this post is where my home health aide and the nurse leave their notes.  It's all very hush hush.  I specially like to read Hella's notes regarding my days.  She writes things like "Exercise has cured Shadow's depression".  Or "Shadow is feeling better, thanks to me taking her to the grocery store".  You know... private stuff.

I don't feel good today.  Yesterday, I weighed in at Curves, and was down 3 lbs, which surprised me.  I've been on a tortilla chip drive for about 3 days now.  So imagine my delight to be be 3 lbs down all while being at the End of My Sentence.  Yes, I've made a little play on words.  And yes, I do feel silly to share each month, but I'm committed to getting thru the alphabet with Aunt Flo's euphemisms.