SanFranMan told me the other day that he still had Ginger, she didn't go with the kids.  I racked my brain.  Who's Ginger?  I knew they had a rabbit.  I didn't think it's name was Ginger. 

No, he said, it's their dog.  He got the kids a dog!  He said it was smaller than my Muttin girl.  I was so excited, but perplexed.  When did you get a dog, I asked.  He said "You've heard her barking in the background".  The dog I heard (several weeks ago) wasn't a yappie barker type, and besides, it was another dog I knew he'd been dog-sitting, I forget it's name. Update: Jelly.  He says, oh yea, that dog.  He'll send me a picture of Ginger.  Told me how cute she was.  She was sitting in his lap as we spoke.  I thought how strange it was that he hadn't told me about her, but hey, he'd been pretty scatter-headed all summer, with the kids and all.  I was so, so glad to think that he did have company after all, after the kids left.  My dogs are such a comfort for me, so I knew a dog would be good for him and his misery over the kids going back to Connecticut. 


Uh huh.  I was so excited and comforted to know he had a dog.  And paper trained too!  I love how he's posing her as if she'll get away.