Dr. Dolittle movie - he lives in SF

HGTV show today - Homes of San Fransico

Book I'm reading, 'High Tide in Tucson', first review on the back cover is from the San Francisco Chronicle'

Oakland vs San Fran 49 game on tonite. 

Dooce 8/9 - catching up on her pictures today

Justice Files/ murder teenage murders 1969 - oh the Zodiac Killer again, that's twice now.

Special on Kirk & Michael Douglas, referring to a show called 'Streets of San Francisco'

Clicking on a link that lead me to 'Art for Youth', which is based in San Francisco

Catching up on Tertia's blog today, started with this post.  Several references to San Fran in the comments.

On another note, RamTouch just text messaged me "Let's go to Tuscany".  He doesn't know I'm also reading 'Under the Tuscan Sun'.